12/21/2018  Woodshed AO

PAX: Tatertot, Ponzi, Room Service, Placebo, Wait Time, Khakis (Respect), Sourdough, Peekaboo, Big One, Honey Stinger, Biggie Smalls, Saul, The Plague, Bubbles, No Doze, Point Break, Tonight Show, Lowman

QIC: Lowman

A very merry and energetic PAX (well, at least half of em’) started off their mornings with an extra gloomy pre-run. While that may have seemed like a good idea at the time, YHC knew that the PAX would soon be visited by someone (or something) special… The Ghost of Beatdowns Past.

As the sufficiently warmed PAX joined those wiser, better rested members of the bunch, the mission and cautionary tale were shared before YHC led the men on a brisk, .65 mile mosey…stopping halfway for a quick 10 jump tucks before continuing on to the hole for Warm-A-Rama


SSH 20 IC → Imperial Walkers 20 IC → Turkey Chinooks 10 IC BW → Cherry Pickers 20 IC → Derkins 15 → 10 Jump Tucks (executed gingerly on the ice)

Mosey to the short stairs leading up to the UNO parking structure

Short Stairs

Following warm-a-rama, YHC and the Ghost of Christmas Past broke the PAX into two groups. The GCP reminded the PAX of a previous Oracle beatdown that included Circle Merquats (Circle Merkins followed by Circle Air Squats). Circle Merkins holding plank (5→1), and then one round of Circle Air Squats holding Al Gore (5→1).

Before another mosey, GCP slapped the PAX with yet another round of 10 jump tucks.

Best mumblechatter: “Man, I really hate these”

After a brief RECOVER, the PAX moseyed west, up the stairs, through the UNO parking garage, and just when they thought their journey would end in a downhill back to the park and warm coffee and scrumpets at Starbucks…GCP revealed their deepest fears were about to come true, as the UNO stairs loomed large in the distance

Stairway to Heaven

When all are one and one is all

To be a rock and not to roll

A fitting message from it’s namesake song, GCP and the UNO stairs showed the PAX little mercy.

The PAX partnered up and completed one round of the following:

Best Mumblechatter: “They look like Bobby Hurley at age 60.”

With time running short, Omaha was called and YHC improved a quick 10 IC American Hammer before leading the PAX back to the shovel flags for 6 MOM. It did not dawn on YHC until writing this very backblast, that a final 10 jump tucks were not issued. This will be rectified during the 1/1/19 workout.


Rosalitas 15 “on open” → Dying Cockroach 20 IC, Gas Pumpers 15 IC (thanks Plague), Hammer 10×3

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers

  • Huge T-Claps to Khakis for joining the PAX on Monday with the Murph, and posting each day since.
  • Rollbar’s daughter Ruby has received her blood glucose monitor, which hopefully brings her and the entire family some comfort and sense of normalcy.
  • Prayers for Point Break’s wife and their entire family as they mourn the passing of her grandfather. Wishing them safe travels as they get together with family to support each other and celebrate his life.
  • Prayers for Bubbles’s friend who just had surgery and is hoping to get back on the kidney donor list soon. His strength and positive attitude is an inspiration to Bubbles, and should be to the rest of the PAX as well.

Message from YHC:

  • We all need to know who or what our Jester is.
  • For years, I’ve held on to anger and a growing resentment towards my mom. Nothing she could do was right in my eyes, and I could not help but let her know that in no uncertain terms.
  • One day it dawned on me that she was not the problem at all, but rather, I had twisted myself and my own relationship with her so badly that all I could see was the negative, not the positive.
  • About 3 months ago I called her, told her what I had been doing, and apologized, and vowed to stop from that moment on [even when she lets the kids stay up way too late and let’s them watch the evening news on MSNBC, which gives them nightmares].
  • Since that day, the difference has been so amazing. I feel less stressed, less on edge, and more able to just enjoy her company and that of the rest of the family.
  • This holiday season, I just encourage you all to reflect on those relationships you have with friends or family, and see what you discover.
  • Which ones are not really broken, but are just waiting on you to kick your Jester out of the way and give a hug to someone you love?

Aye and Merry Christmas!



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