Wild Kingdom Backblast: No Bystanders Beatdown

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 | Wild Kingdom | Lake Zorinsky | Weather: 32 degrees and breezy (Feels like 23 degrees)PAX: Ponzi, Slow Roast, ZBO, Wario, Skipper, Tater Tot, Big One, Khakis, Chucky, Nailed It, Hawg, Butterfly, Thomas, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Birdman, Sparty, TC, Vandelay, Short Sale, Patton, Hard Hat, FDIC, Mufasa, Cutting Edge, Pantyhose, … Continue reading Wild Kingdom Backblast: No Bystanders Beatdown

Paradise Island 9/9/20 40’s celebration

Paradise Island September 9, 2020/AO – Paradise Island - temperature a cold and WET 41 degrees. Pax: Vandelay, Gunner, Convoy, Icy Hot, Slow Pitch, Splinter, Grillz, Blue Chip, Wait Time, Big One, Roadhouse, Khakis, Two Step, The Plague, Chicklets, Todo and Tenderfoot Q: Tenderfoot Tenderfoot promptly welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:15. The … Continue reading Paradise Island 9/9/20 40’s celebration

Backblast Paradise Flag Pass

8/25/2020 Paradise Flag Passing: Blue Suede to Slow Pitch Q’s – Blue Suede and Slow Pitch 28 PAX - Sparty, Tenderfoot, Merch, Lucky Charms, Firewalker, Hightower, Hashtag, Vandelay, Safe Ride, Blue Chip, Roadhouse, 2-Step, Grillz, Khakis (Respect), Wolverine, Biff, FDIC, The Plague, Mac N Cheese, Geico, Curse, Scrapper, Big One, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Splinter, Blue Suede, Slow Pitch The … Continue reading Backblast Paradise Flag Pass

HH & WH 2×2 Anniversary Assist

PAX: Reba, Fairy Tale, T Bird, Forklift, FDIC, Side Dish, Tonight Show, TC, Polaroid, Gigablast, Cyclone, Waffle House, Hard HatCo-Qs: Waffle House & Hard Hat It was a beautiful morning for an Anniversary beatdown! The PAX were welcomed by the co-Qs and given the mission, disclaimer, and core principles. The group then moseyed to the … Continue reading HH & WH 2×2 Anniversary Assist

Heavy Metal Backblast: #WaffleStrong

Wednesday October 9, 2019 | Stinson Park AO | Heavy Metal | 55 degrees and clearPAX: Short Stack, Specimen, (FNG - Ed) Crumpets, Firewalker, The Plague, Tater Tot, Selleck, Slow Roast, Baby Grand, Ponzi, Sasquash, Tonight Show, Honey Badger, FDIC, Rancid, Arm Bar, Smashmouth, Polaroid, Greek Freak, Blue Chip, Thor, Blue Suede, Honey Stinger, Tenderfoot, … Continue reading Heavy Metal Backblast: #WaffleStrong

The Colosseum Backblast: Thunder in the Wrecktangle

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 | The Colosseum | Westside HS AO | Weather: 68 degrees and Thunder ShowersPAX: Tin Cup, Blood Shot, Slow Pitch, Truss, Khakis, Crawl, Room Service, 40 Grit, Biggie Smalls, Safe Ride, Stella, Wide Right, Folsom, Honey Stinger, Wait Time.QIC: Wait TimeThe PAX gathered at Westside HS. YHC shared the F3 Mission … Continue reading The Colosseum Backblast: Thunder in the Wrecktangle

The Oracle Backblast: Jack Squat

Saturday, September 7,, 2019//AO: The Oracle// 64Degrees 30Pax Reba, Lowman, Thunderhead, Mufasa, Wait Time, Wide Right,Big One, Tater Tot,Room Service, Sasquatch, Coach K, Vandelay, Cyclone, Borland, Blue Suede, Chiclets, Lucille, Sweet Tooth, Armbar, Rollbar, Othello, Thor, Honey Badger, Ponzi, No Doze, Honey Stinger, Selleck, Khakis,Placebo Q: Khakis/Placebo It was a beautiful game day Saturday morning.  65 degrees with the sun on the … Continue reading The Oracle Backblast: Jack Squat

The Golden Spike Backblast: Stairway to IronPax

Friday, Sep 6, 2019 | Golden Spike | Burke Stadium AO | Weather: 67 degrees, clear and breezyPAX: Ponzi, Honey Stinger, Brazilian, Placebo, Mufasa, Selleck, Vandelay, Room Service, Big One, Lowman, Saul, Squidward, Pablo, Polaroid, Borland, Blood Shot, Hard Hat, Plague, Wide Right, Gumbo, Betamax, Roll Bar, Tonight Show, Bubbles, Smashmouth, Tater Tot, Blue Suede, … Continue reading The Golden Spike Backblast: Stairway to IronPax

Futurama Backblast: I Can See Burpees (For Miles and Miles)

Futurama AO | Memorial Park | April 18, 2019, 5:30 AM | Temperature: 45 degrees (Feels like 40) & Clear PAX: Trademark, Folsom, Tenderfoot, Brazilian, Captain Kangaroo (Respect!), Khakis, Daniel San, Flipper, Ponzi, Honey Stinger and Wait Time. QIC: Wait Time YHC provided a brief disclaimer and shared the F3 mission statement before the PAX moseyed to … Continue reading Futurama Backblast: I Can See Burpees (For Miles and Miles)