In an effort to provide some baselines for our fitness levels here in Omaha, fitness tests are offered monthly for interested PAX members. The test is modeled after the new Army Combat Fitness Test with some modifications. We will aim to hold the test on a weekday and Saturday in the third week of each month at rotating AOs.

Like all F3 workouts, The APEX follows the core principles of F3. This test is more than just a workout. It’s an opportunity for the PAX to establish a baseline measurement, and have something to set goals with and measure progress, with regard to the 1st F, Fitness. For many guys, F3 workouts help push their fitness level higher. For a lot of guys, working out multiple times a week may be their consistent routine. For others, they may also include pre-runs, rucks, etc. This is all great. The two reasons people quit gyms, is either adversity or boredom. They either push themselves (or are pushed by a trainer) too hard, and quit due to their inability to handle that high level of adversity. Or, they get into a routine of doing the same things over and over and over, until they can’t handle the boring nature of their workout routine. F3 workouts have variety and surprise, which definitely help reduce the potential of boredom. For some guys though, they may need a little more of a challenge every once in a while, and this test can help with that. Our workouts can be difficult to determine actual physical progress, but having a standardized test to track progress helps with understanding progress made. It also helps with understanding your fitness strengths and weaknesses. Why do we need to challenge ourselves in this manner though? We aren’t Olympic athletes. Most of us likely don’t play much by the way of competitive sports any longer. So what are we training for? We’re training for, and challenging ourselves for life. For the hard things in life that are planned or unplanned. To help us better overcome the challenges that we are faced, that often times are unexpected. This test can be a bit of a mental challenge. There are components that suck, and take a good deal of mental strength to push yourself to complete. Doing hard things like this only make us better and more capable of handling LIFE.

The test is offered monthly to help reduce the FOMO that may be experienced if it were offered less frequently. It is offered on a weekday and a Saturday every month to help accommodate schedules. It is offered at different locations to help accommodate commute times and to be accessible to all of our PAX.

PATCHES: The APEX offers up an opportunity to earn patches showing your progress in your pursuit of hitting your fitness goals. The APEX patch is earned after attending four (4) APEX tests. After receiving the APEX patch, in the following APEX tests, if you beat two (2) of your personal records (PRs), you will earn the “Beast” patch. After earning the “Beast” patch, if you beat another two (2) PRs, you will earn the “Conquerer” patch.

Upcoming Dates

June 15th
APEX at Mission ForgeWeekday Offering
5:15 AMMission Park
June 28th
APEX at StormAlleyWeekday Offering
5:15 AMPrairie Queen Elementary

The Test

1:00 Burpees
  • Perform maximum reps of burpees in 1 minute.

Triple Broad Jump
  • Perform three consecutive broad jumps and record the total distance.
  • Keep your body straight at all times.
  • Once chest, hips, and thighs touch the ground at the same time, move both arms out to the side, straightening the elbows into the T position. Bring them back.
  • Front leaning rest (AKA ‘up position’) is the only authorized rest position. Bending or flexing knees, hips, trunk, or neck while in the rest position is not authorized.
  • Setup
    • A start line and 25m/82ft distance
    • 2 Coupons (35lb Concrete Masonry Unit)
  • Execution
    • Unless otherwise noted, both one foot and one hand must touch the ground at or beyond the 25m mark.
      1. Sprint to the 25m mark and back.
      2. Grab a coupon and perform murder bunnies to the 25m mark and back.Murder Bunny: Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart with block longways between them. Bend over and grab the block, lift it a few inches off the ground and move it forward until you can’t reach. Then, put the block down, transition your weight to the block (thru your hands) and hop your feet back to where they are on each side of the block.
      3. Lateral dash to the 25m mark and back. Throughout the movement the feet may shuffle but cannot touch or cross over one another. The body moves sideways to the line.
      4. Grab 2 coupons and run to the 25m mark. Step on or over the line with one foot and return to the starting line.
      5. Sprint to the 25m mark and back.

  • Starting position is a straight-arm hang on the bar with feet off the ground. The grip is the alternating grip with the body perpendicular to the bar, however the alternating grip will cause the body to rotate outward slightly. Legs and feet may not be crossed.
  • On the ‘GO’ command, the PAX will flex at the elbows, knees, hips, and waist to lift the knees. The right and left knees or thighs MUST touch the right and left elbows, respectively.
  • Return under control to the straight-arm, position, elbows straight, to complete each repetition.
  • Rest 5-10 minutes after Leg Tucks.

Interested in proctoring? Click the file below for more details:

Upon Completion Submit Your Results Below: