The Oracle Backblast: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

10/20/2018 | The Oracle AO | Boys Town, NE PAX: Lemon Law, Kilowatt, Grease Monkey, Placebo, The Big One, Tater Tot, Room Service, Vandelay, The Plague, Biggie Smalls, Brazilian, Ponzi, Tonight Show, Lowman, CSI, Mayhem, Waffle House (Respect), Gipper. CO-QIC: Lemon Law and Gipper (VQ) Temperature: 45° F, clear, with a beautiful sunrise – great day for some … Continue reading The Oracle Backblast: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

The Woodshed Backblast: Sweatin’ With Biggie

10/19/2018, THE WOODSHED AO – Elmwood Park PAX: Ethanol, Placebo, Tater Tot, Big One, Lowman, Tonight Show, Waffle House, The Plague & Biggie Smalls QIC: Biggie Smalls In what was to be his VQ, Biggie Smalls, welcomed 8 PAX to the gloom. Having a bit more time to prepare for this Q, Biggie went and found two “new to Biggie” things, in the F3 … Continue reading The Woodshed Backblast: Sweatin’ With Biggie

Cornhusker Handicap BACKBLAST: Face Your Fears Day

10/16/2018. Cornhusker Handicap AO | Aksarben Village PAX: 17 – Tonight Show, Daniel San, Biggie Smalls, Selleck, Mayhem, The Big One, Lowman, Waffle House (Respect), Brazilian, Borland, Folsom, The Plague, Hootenanny, Dufresne, Tater Tot, Wait Time, No Doze.  17 PAX ties AO record for a third time.  The Handicap can't seem to get over the hump.  If only Rollbar didn't #inadvertentfartsack.   Q: No Doze  Weather:  39 degrees, clear, no wind.  Basically … Continue reading Cornhusker Handicap BACKBLAST: Face Your Fears Day

The Oracle Backblast: Deuces Wild

October 13, 2018: AO The Oracle: 7:00am- 8:02am  PAX: Boom-Boom, Wait-Time, The Plague, Pablo, Placebo, Specimen, Brazilian, Waffle House (respect), Folsom, Tater Tot, Hard Hat, CSI, Truss, Compost, Dufner, Cyclone (respect), Coach K, Super-Fly, Gipper, FNG-Saul (Sean Cuddigan), No Doze, Roll Bar, Reba, Mayhem, Low Man, Kilowatt, Room Service, Lemon Law, Vandelay, Stretch, Santiago, TC (respect), Curds, & Selleck VQ: Dufresne Weather: A … Continue reading The Oracle Backblast: Deuces Wild

The Maize Backblast: COME HELL or HIGH WATER

October 10, 2018 | AO – The Maize  PAX: Waffle House (respect), Wait Time, Hard Hat, Placebo, Ethanol, Daniel San, Rollbar, Q: Thunderhead Q: Thunderhead Weather: A gloom but balmy 38° F3 Welcome and Disclaimer With green behind the ears, I stumbled through our core principles and F3 disclaimer. Mosey over the bridge and through the woods... (Ethanol finished … Continue reading The Maize Backblast: COME HELL or HIGH WATER

The Woodshed Backblast: An Irish Flapjack

AO : The Woodshed | Friday, October 12, 2018 |0530-0615 | Balmy 38 degrees F Pax: No Doze, Wait Time, Baby Grand, Ponzi, Folsom, Lowman, Roll Bar, The Plague, Truss, Tater Tot, Placebo QiC: Placebo What a morning for a beat down….damp, dark, chilly.  As I came around the corner and the Woodshed approached I thought I saw a … Continue reading The Woodshed Backblast: An Irish Flapjack

The Horse Track Backblast: Hip-Hop Tabata

October 11, 2018 | AO - The Horse Track at Stinson Park.  PAX: Cyclone (respect), Waffle House (respect), Lemon Law, Bubba Gump (respect), Bluegrass, Wait Time, Brazilian, Folsom, Bluegrass, and Kyle/FNG aka "Coltrane" QIC - Workout Leader(s) in Charge: Bluegrass with Seconds Pro App The Scene: Mid 40’s – just like a lot of the PAX. F3 Welcome and … Continue reading The Horse Track Backblast: Hip-Hop Tabata