5/30/20 Oracle (7am) at Aldrich Elementary Backblast (Vandelay)

5/30/20 Oracle (7am) at Aldrich Elementary Backblast (Vandelay) May 30, 2020.  7:00 AM Time slot.  Back Blast Q: Vandelay.  Co-Qs:  Sparty, Tuna Fish, and just in case - Doc Brown, Birdman Many thanks to my Co-Qs today. Weather- 56 degrees, Cloudy – threatening rain and ultimately did at the end. Group1:  Vandelay, Brazilian, La Deaux, Cyclone-RESPECT, Oombro, Padre- RESPECT, BirdMan, Betamax. Group 2: Sparty, Lemon Law, Gove’na, … Continue reading 5/30/20 Oracle (7am) at Aldrich Elementary Backblast (Vandelay)

Oscar Mike – Moving (more than just miles)

AO: Oscar MikeConditions: 55 degrees; partly cloudy with amazing sunriseQ: BetaMaxPAX:  A-Bomb, FDIC, BetaMax 6:00 am:  Welcomed PAX.  F3 Mission and Core Principals reviewed.  Disclaimer given. Warm-A-Rama: Ruck swings x 20Air squats x 20Plank x 20 seconds Departed Aldrich at 6:03 am along the Murph route. Upon a fork in the road, the Q decided on the … Continue reading Oscar Mike – Moving (more than just miles)

The Woodshed Backblast: New Normal

May 29, 2020|Elmwood Park | AO – The Woodshed | 54°  PAX:  Hightower, Ramrod, Samples, Othello, Lucky Charms, Blue Chip, Safe Ride, Open sesame, Double leg, Bloodshot, Polaroid, Wipeout, Stella, The Plague Q: Blue Chip and The Plague  Welcomed  PAX to a brisk morning at the Woodshed. Blue Chip reminded PAX the mission of F3 … Continue reading The Woodshed Backblast: New Normal

Futurama – “Be Patient”

May 28, 2020 AO - Futurama 63 degrees; clear; wet grass Q: Stella PAX:  To comply with social distancing, Pax split up into groups.   PAX include:  Grillz, Sparty, Danger Zone, Titanium, LoodHum GUT, Chiclets, Folsom, Samples, Jean Claude, Polaroid (Q2); Greek Freak, Toadstool, Tug Boat, Ramrod, Double Leg, SUV, Huffy, Brazilian, FNG CharBuffed, Othello (Q3); Smashmouth, HighTower, … Continue reading Futurama – “Be Patient”

Maize Backblast: Happy as a Hawg

5/28/2020, 62 degrees and overcast PAX: Wait time, Thomas, Ladue, Nitro, Crab Cakes, Gunner, Thor, Tator Tot, the Curse, & Butterfly Q:  Hawg Normal mission and purpose statements stated followed by a strong disclaimer; I am not a professional and this will hurt so modify as necessary. We are here to fellowship, develop our physical and mental stamina, and have fun. Group size and social distancing adhered … Continue reading Maize Backblast: Happy as a Hawg