F3 Paradise Island Backblast: 365

9/18/19 On Wednesday, September 18 in Omaha, NE - Tater Tot, Bubbles and Slow Pitch created what would be a celebratory beatdown at Paradise Island on a warm and soupy morning.  21 PAX gathered in the well-lit parking lot of Regency and chatted about God only knows what until Tater Tot rudely interrupted the group for introductions.  Tater … Continue reading F3 Paradise Island Backblast: 365

IRONPAX Backblast: Waterboarding Edition

September 19, 2019 | Aldrich AO | IronPAX Week 3 | Weather: 67 degrees, thunderstorms and raining sideways.PAX: Tater Tot, Tonight Show, Pablo, TC, Firewalker, Lemon Law, and Wait Time.QIC: Wait TimePax met at Aldrich Elementary, home of Red Wing, and forecasted an end to the Thunderstorm. Like many meteorologists, that forecast was entirely wrong. … Continue reading IRONPAX Backblast: Waterboarding Edition


September 18, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Iron Pax Challenge//75 degrees// 7 Pax: Greek Freak, Roll Bar, Brazilian, Ponzi, Busker, FNG!: Highwater, Folsom. Q: Folsom Folsom welcomed the PAX to Iron Pax challenge week 3, especially the first timer. Folsom gave the disclaimer and stated the F3 mission. Then he took a minute to explain the Thang (see … Continue reading WEEK 3 IRON PAX CHALLENGE BACKBLAST: Heavy Metal edition.

Heavy Metal: Out of the Darkness

September 18, 2019/Stinson Park/AO – Heavy Metal/Temperature: 75 degrees Pax: Wide Right, Samples (Respect!), Swinger, Squidward, STELLA, Gumbo, Bloodshot, TC (Respect!), Hightower, Beta Max, Safe Ride. Q: Safe Ride Safe Ride welcomed the Pax on the playground area in Stinson Park at 5:30am.  The mission statement and disclaimer were given.  Heavy then commenced.    WARM-A-RAMA … Continue reading Heavy Metal: Out of the Darkness

The Colosseum – Red Zone

September 17, 2019/ AO - The Colosseum/Beautiful calm morning. Pax: Gumbo, Tin Cup, Crawl, Tenderfoot, Chicklets (RESPECT), Folsom, Safe Ride, Toadstool, Stella, Bloodshot, Gipper, Stones, Room Service, Honey Badger, Saul, Dufrane, Biggie Smalls, Beta Max, 40 Grit, Tug Boat, Tater Tot, Honey Stinger Q: Clorox Clorox promptly welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30. … Continue reading The Colosseum – Red Zone

1A2F2CC 2019 Open Final Standings

1. Room Service66 652. Lowman663. Armbar674. Ponzi685. Selleck705. Pony Express707. Wait Time728. Gipper749. Big One7510. Bubbles7610. Honey Badger7612. Blue Suede7813. Sasquash7914. Slow Roast8015. No Doze8016. Squidward8217. Bloodshot8418. Mongoose8819. Khakis9120. Gumbo9321. Betamax9422. Lucky CharmsDQ/DNF *No Call, No Show: Mufasa & Clorox