The Matrix Backblast (Sergeant Slaughter – 11.28.20)

12 HIM and 2.0’s in tow signed in for a virtual burpee beat down in the matrix [Maverick (respect, respect), Circuit Breaker, Piano Man, Waffle House (respect), Crockett, Copperfield, Gipper, Kielbasa, The Curse, Bubba Gump, Birdman, Sergeant Slaughter – Q]. Warm-o-rama Side Straddle Hops x 20 Tappy Taps x 15 Windmills x 15 Cherry Pickers … Continue reading The Matrix Backblast (Sergeant Slaughter – 11.28.20)

Futurama Backblast: Thanksgiving

November 26, 2020 | Futurama | Memorial Park | 28 Degrees PAX: (17) –  Ice-T, Fairy Tale (Hate), E-85 (Hate), Othello, Blue Chip, U-Haul, Footie, Cyclone (Respect), Mac’n Cheese (Hate), Hipster (Respect-Respect), Frosty, Demogorgon, Slow Pitch, Falafel, Hashtag (Hate), Mystery Man (??), Sparty QIC: Sparty Co-Leaders: Othello & Slow Pitch YHC showed up at 4:58am … Continue reading Futurama Backblast: Thanksgiving

Cornhusker 11/24 – Slow Frosting, inspired by Joe

Cornhusker 11/24/20 – Slow Frosting Q-Slow Pitch Weather- 38 Degrees, with a nice little rain Pre-Run- Great attendance by bigs and smalls, long strides, short strides at two miles, some above two miles and other at three miles. 24 PAX- Buns of Steel, U-Haul, Flanders, Blue Chip, Footie (Down Range from North Carolina), Big One, Ponzi, Sparty (Highest kick NOR Champion of Thanksgiving … Continue reading Cornhusker 11/24 – Slow Frosting, inspired by Joe

Top Rope Back Blast: Release Control Wednesday November 25: 36 degrees and a little damp Q: Armber 12 PAX: Tator Tot, Bonnie, Mufasa, Hard Hat, Tator Tot, Tube Socks, Kill Switch, Father Time, Skipper, Panty Hose, U Haul, Flying Tomato, Armber Armbar greats the group. F3-Fitness, Fellowship and Faith Mission Statement-To plant grow and serve … Continue reading

The Matrix (Virtual) Backblast – Sgt. Slaughter 11/25/20

The Matrix 11/25/2020 0530 : 7 HIM logged in for a virtual beatdown this morning (The Curse, Birdman, Barn Door, Gipper, Slick, Maverick (respect), Sgt. Slaughter – Q). After the standard intro, minus the always outdoors pandemic asterisk, the crew got right into things.  Warm-o-rama Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC Tappy Taps x 15 IC Windmills x 15 IC Cherry Pickers x 15 IC Sun Gods x … Continue reading The Matrix (Virtual) Backblast – Sgt. Slaughter 11/25/20

The Colosseum Back Blast (11/24/20): Friendsgiving

November 24, 2020 // Westside High School // AO-Colosseum / 36 wet and rainy// 23 PAX:  Stella, Mother Goose, Spacebar, Wait Time, Huffy, Smashmouth, The Plague, Slow Clap (Respect), Pony, Honey Stinger, Bloodshot, Chicklets (Respect), Baskins (Respect), Chip and Dale, Folsom, BetaMax, Ice T, Safe Ride, Tug Boat, Greek Freak, Houskow, Swinger and Samples (respect) … Continue reading The Colosseum Back Blast (11/24/20): Friendsgiving

Golden Spike: Bump, Set, SPIKE!

Date Time Group: 20NOV2020 0530 AO: Golden Spike Weather: 39F, mild PAX: (18) Vandelay (respect), Space Bar, Bonnie, Dirty Bird, Cheap Seats, Wentworth, Chip ‘N Dale, Waterboy, Saul, Folsom, Slow Clap (respect), Mac & Cheese (hate), Rollbar, Tug Boat (toot toot), Mufasa (raer), Mother Goose, Flying Tomato, Nightcrawler QIC: Nightcrawler 0530 YHC greeted the PAX. … Continue reading Golden Spike: Bump, Set, SPIKE!

The Octagon Backblast: Thankful Folsom

November 23, 2020//Westside Swing School//AO-Octagon//27 calm degrees// 17 Pax: Space Bar, Hoosegow, Bloodshot, Stella, Mufasa, Toadstool, E85, Polaroid, Honey Stinger, Flying Tomato, Safe Ride, Kill Switch, Sister Act, Bonnie, FNG (hereinafter and forever Ice T), FNG (hereinafter and forever Hagar), and Folsom. Q: Folsom The PAX gathered at the Shovelflags, while Folsom ran around madly, … Continue reading The Octagon Backblast: Thankful Folsom

Papio Popup Backblast: Less Impressed, More Involved

November 17, 2020|Burke Stadium | AO – Papio Popup | 49° PAX:  Tony The Tiger, Squeaky Clean, Girl Dad, Marv, Spacebar, FNG (Sonic), Wentworth, Gobbler, Zorro, Trench, High Life, The Plague Q: The Plague Welcomed 12 PAX to a beautiful morning at the Papio-Popup. Explained the mission of F3 and reminded PAX that The Plague … Continue reading Papio Popup Backblast: Less Impressed, More Involved

The Pit Backblast – Thanksgiving Best and Worst

November 21, 2020 – The Pit Halleck Park, Papillion: 35 degrees and Clear -  Q: Gobbler PAX: Knobs, Firewalker, Trench, High Life, Huffy, Ferndinand, Girl Dad, Squeaky Clean, Marve, Rodie, Gadget, Crab Cakes, Wentworth, King Pin Welcomed the Pax to the 7AM Pit workout with F3 Mission, 5 Core Principles and not-a-professional disclaimer. No FNGs … Continue reading The Pit Backblast – Thanksgiving Best and Worst