The Woodshed – Backblast: Surprise! (9/18/20) – Tater Tot

The Woodshed – Backblast: Surprise! (9/18/20) – Tater Tot (If you don’t read anything else beyond this point, thank you to all that put in the effort to pull this off.  And thank you to all the PAX for what you do for F3Omaha on a daily basis.  This day was special!) Just a typical … Continue reading The Woodshed – Backblast: Surprise! (9/18/20) – Tater Tot

The Battlefield BACKBLAST: Operation Balance

September 17, 2020|Westside High School | AO – The Battlefield | 56° PAX: Samples, Stella, No Doze, Grillz, Space bar, Safe Ride, Mac And Cheese, Betamax, Radar, Roll Bar, Khakis, Tonight Show, Hiram, Brazilian, Nugent, Tin Cup, Griswold, Brick, Hoosegow, Skipper, Tugboat, Pancake, Pantyhose, Birdman, Sparty, Chiclets, Wide Right, Huffy, Bubbles, Tenderfoot, The Plague Q: … Continue reading The Battlefield BACKBLAST: Operation Balance

Heavy Metal Backblast: WANING CRESCENT

09.18.2020 | Heavy Metal AO | Stinson Park  | 6750 Mercy Road PAX: 13 – Wentworth, Hooskal, Bloodshot, Betamax, Super Tasty, Buns O’ Steel, Touche, Samples, Borland, Frosty, Mufasa, & Swinger Qic: Selleck Weather:  Perf. Selleck moved pax from playground pad to Obelisk. Welcomed PAX to HM, dispensed the F3 mission and minimal pleasantries before … Continue reading Heavy Metal Backblast: WANING CRESCENT

9/16/20 Paradise: The Roadhouse Effort

AO: Paradise Island September 16th PAX- Billy Ray, Blue Chip, Two Step, The Curse, No Doze, LPC, Miracle, Convoy, Biff, Trench, Gunner, Double Take, Bubbles, Sparty, Scrapper, Wait Time, Grillz, Vandelay, Splinter, FDIC, Geico, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch Q: Roadhouse Wednesday morning, 63 degrees, Waning Crescent moon  The story of this beatdown starts during the pre-run. I arrived at Paradise at 4:35 … Continue reading 9/16/20 Paradise: The Roadhouse Effort

Colosseum Backblast: Stairway to 11’s & 3-man brick grinder

9.15.20 | Colosseum AO | Westide High School | 60 Degrees, brighter than day time, due to the amazing daytime spotlight bulbs on the football field, with a slight fog rolling off the field and steam rolling off the PAX approximately three minutes into the beatdown. 20 PAX: Wide right, Stella, Baskins (Respect!), Griswold, Swinger, … Continue reading Colosseum Backblast: Stairway to 11’s & 3-man brick grinder

Top Rope Back Blast: Tugboat stands back up!

September 16, 2020//Aldrich Elementary//AO- Top Rope//Approx. 60 degrees Fahrenheit// Pax: Zero Res, Armbar, Patton, Othello, U-Haul, Kielbasa, Hardhat, Griswold & Tugboat Q: Tugboat Warm O’ Rama – Tugboat’s Babyface Debut Pictured - The OG Tugboat Today’s workout was a tribute to YHC’s namesake, the pro wrestler Tugboat.  YHC explained how Tugboat was first introduced to the WWF as a “babyface” good guy character who … Continue reading Top Rope Back Blast: Tugboat stands back up!

Octagon Backblast 9.14.20

Octagon – Enter the Octagon // 57 Degrees  Pax: 14 – Stella, Toadstool, Rollbar, Othello, U-Haul (FNG Ezra Coln), No Doze, Wentworth, Tin Cup, Tender Foot, Spacebar, Bloodshot, Sister Act, Mufasa, Polaroid Q: Polaroid Welcome to F3 and the Octagon. YHC shared the mission and core principles. Welcomed Ezra Coln, EH’d by Othello and shared a little bit about all the F3 offerings around town.  Quick Mozey to the … Continue reading Octagon Backblast 9.14.20

2020.09.15 – Wild Kingdom Back Blast – QIC Lucky Charms

Wild Kingdom Backblast – September 15, 2020 19 PAX: Barn Door, Crab Cakes, Yodel, Blue Suede, Boreland, Sugar, Anaconda (FNG), Cheap Seats, Hawg (respect), Breaststroke (FNG), Zerorez, Nitro, Sprout, King Pin, Convoy, Tonight Show, Thomas, The Curse, Mufasa Q: Lucky Charms YHC took the trek out west into the wilderness for his first post and … Continue reading 2020.09.15 – Wild Kingdom Back Blast – QIC Lucky Charms