The Oracle Back Blast. 10/24/20 6 AM – VQ

F3Omaha October 24, 2020 10/24/2020: The Oracle, 23 degrees, calm & clear PAX: Birdman, Room Service, Cyclone (Respect), Tugboat, U-Haul, Saul, Pele, Two-Step, Grillz, Sister Act, Touche, Pantyhose, Sgt. Slaughter, Scrapper, No-doze, Nailed-it, Zerorez, Wait Time, Vandelay (Respect), Roadhouse, Armbar, Smashmouth, FDIC, The Plague QIC (VQ): Magic – The thermometer in Magic’s car read a crisp 23 degrees on the way to the AO. … Continue reading The Oracle Back Blast. 10/24/20 6 AM – VQ

The Oracle Back Blast. 10/24/20. 7 AM.

F3 Omaha October 24, 2020- The Oracle AO 0700, Skipper VQ 10/24/2020:  The Oracle 0700 edition.  27 degrees, dry conditions, clear, no wind PAX:  Selleck, Brazilian, 6 Shooter, Magic, Vandelay, Room Service, Da Vinci, Sweet Tooth, Roll Bar, Wentworth, Tonight Show. VQ: Skipper.  Skipper presented the mission and disclaimers. Warm-A-Rama:  the PAX moseyed approximately ¾ mile loop and back … Continue reading The Oracle Back Blast. 10/24/20. 7 AM.

Canyon Backblast: Built in a Day?

PAX: 11 – Spreadsheets, Mac N Cheese, Buns of Steel, Blue Suede, Fairy Tale, Beta Max, Gumbo, Demogorgon, Waffle House YHC 51-53, Hashtag, SamprasVQ: Hashtag!Weather: 25 & Clear PAXMumbleChatter concerning the colors of the downtown towers was broken when Hashtag announced that it was 7:00 a.m., and “The mission of F3 is to plant grow … Continue reading Canyon Backblast: Built in a Day?

9/21/20 Paradise – Your Impact

October 21, 2020 //AO: Paradise Island // Paradise Bakery, Regency // 420 and Clear “Our Words and Actions Have an Impact” PAX: LPC, Toto, Tenderfoot, Sampras, Biff, Vandelay, Mac N Cheese, FDIC, Betamax, Cataracts, FireWalker, Saul, Merch, Two Step, Wentworth, Tonight Show, Welcome FNG – Chase (AKA Demogorgon), The Plague, Hashtag, Sister Act, Ferdinand, Tony the Tiger, No Doze, High Life, Trench, Water Boy. Q: Icy Hot YHC arrived at 445am as the pre-runners took off from … Continue reading 9/21/20 Paradise – Your Impact

Woodshed backblast 10.23.2020. 7-Eleven

Woodshed | Elmwood Park AO | 34 deg and windy Q: Bloodshot PAX: Folsom, Othello, Lucky Charms, Flanders, Beta Max, Uhaul, Tenderfoot, 2Step, DrThunder, Painkiller, Touché, E85 HATE, Stella, Huffy, Frosty, Safe Ride, LionTamer, TC RESPECT, Wolverine, BunsOfSteel, Portajon, DroneStrike, Favre RESPECT, Chiclets RESPECT, Poney Express HATE, GreaseFire, Hoosegow, IcyHot, Swinger, Samples RESPECT. I have … Continue reading Woodshed backblast 10.23.2020. 7-Eleven

The Combine Backblast: Things Happen for us, not to us!

10/23/202 | AO – The Combine | Kiewit Middle School |39 Degrees clear and windy PAX (20): Pantyhose, Birdman, Tube Socks, Nailed It, Mac-n-Cheese (Hate), Spreadsheet (Hate), Sparty, Windex, The Curse, Splinter……Cell, Armbar, Scrapper, Chisel, Biff, Toto, Misery (FNG), Cataracts, Beethoven, Crasher (FNG), LPC. QIC: LPC Welcome To F3 Mission of F3 Plan Grow and … Continue reading The Combine Backblast: Things Happen for us, not to us!

Wild Kingdom Backblast: “The Darkest AO”

10/20/2020. The Wild Kingdom AO | The Darkest AO PAX: 14 – Grillz, Wait Time, Thor, Sister Act, Scrapper, Night Cralwer, Cheap Seats, Pain Killer, Borland, Sprout, Zerorez, FNG-Starsky, Thomas, Mufasa QIC: Mufasa Weather: 36 & no wind at all, which is unusual for a morning in the Wild Welcomed and thanked all for coming and explained … Continue reading Wild Kingdom Backblast: “The Darkest AO”

Battlefield Backblast: Leaving a Legacy

October 22, 2020 | AO – The Battlefield | Westside High School | 45 Degrees with drizzle PAX: (23) –  Huffy, Pony Express (Hate), Gobbler, Shocker, Starsky, Tin Cup, Khakis (Respect), Buns of Steel (B.O.S.), Toadstool, Grillz, Ponzi, Stella, Griswold, Icy Hot, Wide Right, Tenderfoot, DaVinci (Respect, Respect), Safe Ride, Hoosegow, Biff, Baskins (Respect), Abacus … Continue reading Battlefield Backblast: Leaving a Legacy

Top Rope Back Blast: “you can do it”

BACKBLAST (“YOU CAN DO IT”) October 21st, 2020|Aldrich Elementary| AO – Top Rope | 38° PAX:  Windex, Birdman, Theraband, Tube sock, U-Haul, Kielbasas, Father time, Hardhat, Rollbar, Black plague, Thor, Zebo, Convoy, Tombstone, Roadhouse, Patton, Caboose, Flanders, Armbar, Splinter Q: Splinter 20 PAX welcomed the cold morning at Top Rope (cold for those of us who dislike anything more than a chill in the air).  YHCexplained the mission of F3 along with the 5 … Continue reading Top Rope Back Blast: “you can do it”

Cornhusker Handicap Backblast: 10-20-20-20 BEATDOWN

10/20/2020. Cornhusker Handicap AO | Aksarben – Stinson Park | 2285 S. 67th Street PAX: 29 – Lucky Charms, Ponzi, Chiclets, Frosty, UHaul, Room Service, TC, Spreadsheets, Polaroid, Two-Step, Wolverine, E85, Buns O Steel, Vandelay, Tonight Show, WaterBoy, Merch, Touche, LPC, Icy Hot, Biff, Gunner, Swinger, High Tower, Drone Strike, Grease Fire, Nugent, & &Radar … Continue reading Cornhusker Handicap Backblast: 10-20-20-20 BEATDOWN