July 17, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//80 degrees, 1000% humidity// Pax: Picabo, Safe Ride, CSI, Trademark, Cyclone (Respect!), Brazilian, Bloodshot, Toad Stool, Borlan, Wario, Clorox, Flo, Baby Grand, Honey Stinger, Stella, Simba, Squidward, Folsom. Q: Folsom Warm O’ Rama Seal Jacks x 20 IC Copperhead Air Squats x 12 IC Tempo Merkens x12 IC Monkey Humpers … Continue reading HEAVY METAL BACKBLAST: RING OF FIRE, AGAIN

7.11.2019 – Back Blast: The Maize Formed by Suffering

Date: 7.11.2019AO: The MaizePax: Ethanol, Thunderhead, Countdown, Tater Tot, Lemon Law, Stretch, Wait Time, The Plague, Sa-squash, FDIC, Blue Suede, Hard Hat, Tonight Show. QIC: Tonight Show Conditions: Sun beautifully rising over the luscious fields on an idyllic morning.  You could almost hear the choir of angels singing, except for the pain that was about … Continue reading 7.11.2019 – Back Blast: The Maize Formed by Suffering

Golden Spike Backblast: Temple of Doom

On a moist (yup) Friday, July 12 morning, 18 PAX plus one pre-run (Saul) made their way through the BurkeField construction zone and stepped into the Temple of Doom.  Tater Tot was very appreciate of Gunner, CSI and Khakis setup help otherwise we might not have started until noon…..Tater Tot a short intro and told the PAX to let go of whatever might be … Continue reading Golden Spike Backblast: Temple of Doom

Oracle Backblast (Team Honey Stinger)

The Oracle-Boystown-Omaha NE-7/14/19-7am Q-Honey Stinger PAX-Trademark, Borland, Armbar, Lemon Law, CSI, Sasquatch, Slapstick, Tater Tot, Jean-Claude, Tuna Fish, The Worm, Slow Pitch, Crab Cakes, Othello, Gipper, Lucille, Papa Bear (FNG)!, Honey Stinger and co Q Lowman made introductions, gave disclaimer and read off the important 5 core principles of the F3 Nation workout. Lowman informed … Continue reading Oracle Backblast (Team Honey Stinger)

Oracle Backblast (Team Lowman)

7/13/19 BOYSTOWN AO – The Oracle PAX:  Placebo, Dufresne, Reba, Safe Ride, Ponzi, Plague, Vandelay, FDIC, Tonight Show, Excitebike (RESPECT), Wait Time, Gunner, Big One, Room Service, Coach K, Countdown, Khakis (RESPECT) Actual Footage from the Game Q: Lowman Honey Stinger and YHC welcomed all PAX to the humid gloom at 7am, following a fun ultimate … Continue reading Oracle Backblast (Team Lowman)

The Woodshed Backblast: Christmas in July!

July 12, 2019 | Elmwood Park | 66º with (not) a chance of snow | The Woodshed Q: Baby Grand PAX: Point Break, Ponzi, Merch, Huffy, Bubbles, The Plague, The Lifestyle, Safe Ride, Full Nelson (FNG), Jeeves (Respect!), Folsom, OMT, Stella, Twin Peaks, Caeser, Bloodshot, Picabo F3 Intro & Disclaimer given, along with briefly welcoming … Continue reading The Woodshed Backblast: Christmas in July!