12-22-18 F3 Workout @F3TheOracle

28 HIM made it out to the Oracle to brave the 30 degree weather and 10 mph wind this morning! We started with the moon peaking through the clouds but were soon treated to a fantastic Nebraska sunrise. The sunrise was beautiful but the real bute was the display this PAX put on. The Q encouraged everyone to push themselves, the PAX responded with tremendous effort.

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Q: Brazilian

Long mosey by the church to the stairs


String Rippers
Don Quixote
Sun Gods
Carolina Dry Docks

mosey to big parking lot


The Q encouraged the PAX to seek out someone they haven’t connected with already to partner up for the Thang. One partner ran a down and back the length of the big parking lot while the other partner performed the following exercises:

Imperial Walkers
Copperhead Squats
Box Cutters
Mountain Climbers

Each partner switched off taking turns performing the exercises. The faster partners (Santiago) (Hate) repeated until the 6 had made it through once.

Q started talking about the ultra marathon runner David Goggins. Santiago and Placebo seemed concerns as Goggins is a straight up exercise lunatic. Accordingly, F3 Omaha performed their first Burpee Test. To the sweet serenading of Jim James and My Morning Jacket singing One Big Holiday, the PAX performed as many burpees as they could for 4 minutes. Yeah. Despite lots of mumble chatter during Brazilians explanation of a Burpee Test, there was very, very little chatter at the end. Lots of heavy breathing and a distinct man fog rising into the air.

Abridged Indian Run to allow the PAX to catch their breath.

At that point Brazilian asked Lemon Law what the best all time Christmas movie was. Brazilian was blown away when Lemon Law correctly answered Die Hard. Respect.

In honor of Lemon Law answering correctly, the Pax performed one his favorites, the Steinl.

The Steinl –

Hold plank for 30 secs, then lower to Chilcutt (forearm) plank for 30 secs
10 Merkins
Amazing Spiderman (peter parker, mountain climber, parker peter) right leg
10 Merkins
Hold plank for 30 secs, then lower to Chilcutt (forearm) plank for 30 secs
10 Merkins
Amazing Spiderman (peter parker, mountain climber, parker peter) left leg
10 Merkins

No Doze lead the PAX in some Red Bull Smurf Jacks


Mosey back to the shovel flags


Reverse Crunches
Heel taps
American Hammer – Waffle House closed it out with an absolute BEAT DOWN!


TC snuck in at the end of Namarama. Thanks for making it out TC!

Brazilian then ad-libbed the following:

Working out isn’t just about the physical results, that’s not the best reward for what we just did. It’s the mental reward. By doing things that suck, we create mental callouses over the voice in your head that’s telling you to slow down, stop doing burpees and hit the snooze button next Saturday. It’s the same bullshit thoughts that tell you to seek comfort and immediate gratification over delayed gratification and future rewards. If we can callous over those mental blocks in our workouts, it translates to our lives as husbands, fathers and members of our community. We are out here proving to ourselves that we can be better than we were yesterday, we’re able to do all of this shit we don’t like. Waking up early. Braving the cold. Burpees! I fucking hate burpees! And yet, I got to pick the workout plan this morning and we did burpees. Because I hate them and I know by doing them I’m making myself a more disciplined, mentally tough person with a better work ethic and greater self esteem. This shit makes it easier for me to make the hard choices in the rest of my life because I got out here and I kicked my own ass. Aye?

Ball of man to close it out; We prayed for the men that couldn’t be there this morning, those we haven’t seen in a while like Boom Boom, for Roll Bar and his family and for Lemon Law returning to the PAX after the past few weeks he has been through.

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