12/26/2018, Paradise Bakery Regency AO – Paradise Island

PAX:  The Plague, Borland, Khakis, Low Man, Vandalay, Truss, Bubbles, Placebo, Waffle House, No Doze

Q: The Plague (since Waffle House stood us up)

Welcomed 10 PAX to a dazzling morning on Paradise Island. Reminded PAX that Plague is not a professional, be careful on the sandy beaches and make sure care keys are in a zipper pocket that is zipped.


The PAX gathered in parking lot awaiting the arrival of Waffle House (scheduled Q). Lots of mumble chatter about his whereabouts. The Plague assumed the Q and the PAX moseyed to Dragons Ultra-Lounge (aka parking lot near trail entrance) for warm-a-rama.

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 15 IC
  • Triceps Dips 20 IC
  • Pickle Pushers 20 IC
  • Jump Tucks 10 on up

Seaside Mosey

PAX moseyed around Stuart Cove (aka Regency Lake). Stopped at the dock by Fort Montagu (aka dog park) and circled up for a quick thang.

  • Heel to Heaven 15 IC each leg
  • Merkins 20 on down
  • Parker-Peter 15 IC
  • LBC 20 IC
  • Big Boy Sit-ups 20 on up

PAX continued mosey toward Parliament Square (aka Regency Park). Waffle House snuck out of nowhere like syrup sliding between two Waffles. PAX also encountered Khakis on the mosey to Parliament Square.

Upon arrival at Parliament Square, PAX stopped to perform Air Squats 20 on down and Arm Circles 10 IC (each direction).

  • Incline Merkins – 20 on the down
  • Derkins – 20 on the down
  • Triceps Dips 20 on the down (thank you Low Man)

PAX then moseyed back to Paradise Island for CoT.

Circle of Trust:

  • The Plague briefly discussed the importance of being flexible and picking up the six in different situations.
    • Example: if someone no-shows for their Q, step up and get it done.
    • This applies to many aspects of life and helps us to feel supported when we need help. By helping others when they need it we allow create an environment when asking for help is seen as a strength instead of a weakness.
  • Coffeteria/3rdF discussion about #Goals & #Family was held inside Paradise Bakery. Listen to the weekly highlight podcast to hear key points discussed with the group.
    • Waffle House led a discussion about “Setting goals with your family”
      • As men we need to lead our family in planning goals for the upcoming year
      • This can take on many forms but should be flexible to allow for God’s will to unfold according to his timing
        • Family mission statements – help provide guidance for decision making without specifying tasks or goals
        • Individual goals – empowers family members to achieve personal goals
      • How often are we Disneyland Dads?
        • Disney Dads get home from work and cause disruption by getting kids hyped up when mom has other plans
        • This could be getting the kids excited for an event that conflicts with another obligation or offering ice cream right before bed
      • What do we do when our plans or ideas are met with resistance?
        • Allow for God to work in the hearts and lives of others; whether it’s your M or shorties, allow their hearts to be changed by God and don’t force change
        • Be consistent and disciplined in your efforts of self-improvement. This will soften the hearts of others over time and make them more receptive to change.

Next F3 Event – 12/27/18 @ 0530 – The Maize AO –with The Plague


The Plague

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