10/19/2018, THE WOODSHED AO – Elmwood Park

PAX: Ethanol, Placebo, Tater Tot, Big One, Lowman, Tonight Show, Waffle House, The Plague & Biggie Smalls

QIC: Biggie Smalls

In what was to be his VQ, Biggie Smalls, welcomed 8 PAX to the gloom. Having a bit more time to prepare for this Q, Biggie went and found two “new to Biggie” things, in the F3 Nation exercise database, to do today. Both were heartily “enjoyed” by all.


Naturally, more running than normal was gonna be involved; to start, the PAX enjoyed a full mile mosey, from The Flags to Warm-A-Rama; sights included much darkness, and a yip yapping dog (who attempted to devour Ethanol).


Sun Gods

Side Straddle Hops

Al Gores

Monkey Humpers


Ascending Curb Crawl, the first “New to Biggie” endeavor.

Start on one side of the parking lot, Bear Crawl to the other, feet up on the curb for a single Derkin.

Bear crawl back to start, two Derkins; rinse and repeat til fifteen Derkins. At 13:40, Biggie is still hurting from this.


Mosey back to The Flags, for MOM (Ethanol tried to race a raccoon).


Captain Thor, the second “New to Biggie” expedition.

On their six, the PAX did 1 Big Boy Sit Up, followed by 4 American Hammers, then 2:8, goal was 10:40. 

Goal met. Biggie heard more than a few mention wanting to puke, himself included; fun!


Waffle House reminded everyone of an upcoming Community Involvement opportunity, in his hood, on 11/11 (05:00 and 17:00)

Biggie Smalls, borrowing from a good friend, shared the focus of “Waste Time With People You Love”; a good reminder, and one of the best ways to spend your “off” time. 

Closed with a prayer.

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