10/20/2018 | The Oracle AO | Boys Town, NE

PAX: Lemon Law, Kilowatt, Grease Monkey, Placebo, The Big One, Tater Tot, Room Service, Vandelay, The Plague, Biggie Smalls, Brazilian, Ponzi, Tonight Show, Lowman, CSI, Mayhem, Waffle House (Respect), Gipper.

CO-QIC: Lemon Law and Gipper (VQ)

Temperature: 45° F, clear, with a beautiful sunrise – great day for some baseball.

Gipper and Lemon Law welcomed 18 PAX to the Oracle. Gipper shared the F3 disclaimer and said “Play Ball!”

Warm-A-Rama (Pre-Game Warm Up)

The PAX moseyed to the parking lot next to the baseball field (AKA farmer’s market area) for the Warm-A-Rama. Lemon Law reminded Gipper that he forgot to share the mission of F3 (VQ mistake). So Lemon Law shared the F3 mission before we began.

SSH x 20 IC

String Rippers x 12 IC

Flying Sun gods Sobriety Style (AKA Nancy Kerrigans) x 10 IC each (Left foot back, arms forward direction, then right foot back, arms backward direction)

Windmill x 15 IC

Imperial Walker x 12 IC



The PAX moseyed to the shot put/discus field south of the football field. Gipper explained the rules of the game as follows:

The game will be six innings. At each base (aka a piece of paper), there is a list of exercises, the number of reps, and the exercise to advance to the next base for each inning. Each player on each team will take turns leading the exercises. If one team passes the team in front of them, the team that passes the other has to do 30 burpees as a penalty instead of just being called out. Luckily, no one passed the baserunner in front of him. After returning to the base each team started at, they have to plank or Al Gore until everyone is finished. After each team has gone around the bases and returned to their starting base, the PAX will mosey around the perimeter of the field (following the sidewalk to the north, trees to the west, running back to the backstop, and following the street to the east).

The PAX numbered off by fours then went to their starting base. Gipper reminded everyone to modify if needed. The exercises as follows:


HOME PLATE: Burpees x 10 then Carioca to first

FIRST: SSH x 10 IC then Bear Crawl to second

SECOND: Jump Squats x 10 then Crab Walk to third

THIRD: Dying Cockroach x 10 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Merkins x 15 IC then Carioca to first

FIRST: Smurf Jacks x 15 IC then Reverse Bear Crawl to second

SECOND: Mountain Climbers x 15 IC then Duck Walk to third

THIRD: American Hammers x 15 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Dancing Bears x 20 IC then Lunge Walk to first

FRIST: Hillbillies x 20 IC then Carioca to second

SECOND: Peter Parkers x 20 IC then Reverse Bear Crawl to third

THRID: Dolly’s x 20 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Cherry Pickers x 25 IC then Butt Kicks to first

FIRST: Seal Jacks x 25 IC then Skip to second

SECOND: Air Squats x 25 then Bear Crawl to third

THIRD: LBCs x 25 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Moroccan Night Club x 30 IC the Hop to first

FIRST: Rockette Hillbillies x 30 IC then Walk to second

SECOND: Monkey Humpers x 30 IC then Crab Walk to third

THIRD: Rosilitas x 30 IC then Sprint to home


HOME PLATE: Shoulder Taps x 35 IC then High Knees to first

FIRST: Plank Jacks x 35 IC then Carioca to second

SECOND: Sumo Squats x 35 then Spiderman Crawl to third

THIRD: LBCs x 35 IC then Sprint to home

Lemon Law called the game midway through the 6th Inning. Because the PAX completed five plus innings, the game was considered an official game. The PAX then moseyed back to the shovel flags for six minutes of Mary.

6 MOM – Time to Bring in the Closer AKA Lemon Law

Lemon Law was brought in to relieve the starting pitcher, Gipper, to close out the workout. Lemon Law started with ABCs. After that, the PAX did 20 flutter kicks in cadence. Lemon Law was looking for someone to call out the cadence for American Hammers. Since Boom-Boom and TC were not present, Gipper was chosen to lead. The PAX did 25 American Hammers in cadence. 

Circle of Trust

Count off and Name-O-Rama

18 PAX with no FNGs to name. 


Waffle House is organizing a Veterans’ Day neighborhood flag placement event on November 11th. He referred everyone the O-Rag for details.

Lemon Law also mentioned that Veterans’ Day is also Armistice Day which marked the end of World War I between the Allies and Germany. It took place at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. 

Lemon Law also asked for prayers for Folsom and his family as his grandma is in the hospital. 


Lemon Law brought everyone together in a Ball of Man for prayer.

T-Claps to Lemon Law for Co-Qing with me today as I finally get rid of my VQ card.

Until next time, 


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