11/24/2018 BOYS TOWN AO – The Oracle

PAX: Rollbar, Vandelay, Gipper, Dufresne, Room Service, Cicero, Waffle House, Cyclone, Bubbles, Tater Tot, The Plague, Big One, TC, No Doze, Santiago, Reba, Lowamn

Q: Lowman

The Oracle welcomed 17 PAX to a near-balmy 39° morning of ladders, coupons and mumblechatter. After successfully reciting the F3 Mission (which took some practice), Lowman reminded the group that he was not a professional (though I’m sure they could tell by looking at him) and took them on a Mosey to the stairs for a Warm-A-Rama session. The Plague, arriving a few moments late, informed everyone that the line for his caramel frappuccino was wrapped around the building, but the payoff was well worth it. He needs to get on board with mobile ordering – it is 2018 after all.


SSH 20 IC → Windmills 16 IC → Imperial Walkers 16 IC → String Rippers 15 IC → Smurf Jacks 20 Ic

Following a sufficient warming period, the PAX mosied via Scout Run (two lines) to the Farmer’s Market for the Pre-Thang. The PAX must have had some inkling of what was to come, as the sprint part of the Scout Run was more of a healthy jog – highlighted by the fact that TC held pace, boot and all. 

“Don’t Fall Off The Ladder”

PAX formed a circle in the Farmer’s Market parking lot to listen to Lowman’s description of the workout to come. A “Ladder” he explained, was a circuit routine made up of four exercises, with 10 total sets. 

Set 1: 1 Windmill, 1 Merkin, 1 Air Squat, 1 Jump Tuck

Seet 2: 2 Windmills, 2 Merkins, 2 Air Squats, 2 Jump Tucks

Set 10: 10 Windmills, 10 Merkins, 10 Air Squats, 10 Jump Tucks

After 16 of 17 PAX had successfully climbed off of the Ladder, Lowman had a captive audience for his final set. No Doze did his best to keep the group entertained with extra credit jump tucks. T-Claps No Doze, and thank you for taking the attention off of Lowman’s slowness and the near Merlot spill…

Before a short mosey to the Thang, Lowman asked for a few core exercises (E2K Crunches, Freddie Mercurys) 

“Turkey and Suffering: AKA Who Spilled the Cranberry Sauce?”

For The Thang, the PAX partnered up and split into two groups. On either side of the street they found 4 sheets of yellow paper, each with 4 exercises (outlined below). Taking turns, partners completed one of the exercises while their partners “waited” with an exercise of their own. Here is where the mumblechatter kicked into a new gear. Two of Lowman’s favorites are as follows”

“Should we call Omaha now?” Rollbar (while winking) at 7:30am

“You’re a sadist” No Doze (Lowman’s own partner)

“There’s no more stupid stuff like Ninja Turtles, is there?” No Doze (again, Lowman’s own partner)

20 Merkins

15 Coupon Curls

10 Ninja Turtles

10 Air Squats

20 Werkins

15 Coupon Presses

10 Burp-o’s

20 Monkey Humpers

20 SSH

20 Coupon Squats

15 LBCs

10 Jump Tucks

20 Cherry Pickers

20 Coupon Derkins

10 Reverse Crunches

10 Jump Squats

Wait 1: Monkey Hump

Wait 2: Al Gore

Wait 3: SSH

Wait 4: Monkey Hump

Other highlights included Reba crushing coupon curls, and Tater Tot attempting to demonstrate the difference between a Standard Military Press and a Prone Caribbean Press. His tan was great though. 

Omaha was called at 7:47 to allow for Mary, which meant round 4 will be postponed to a later date (maybe Tuesday AM…)

Mosey to the Shovel Flag (thanks to those HIM who helped carry over the coupons)


Standard Mary session with a little bit of everything: 

Freddy Mercury 20 IC → Heel Touches 15 IC → LBCs 20 IC → Rosalitas 15 on Waffle House’s Open → Hammer 10 x 3 (thanks to TC, Big One and Plague for their contributions) 

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers

  • Plague reminded the PAX that Wednesday will be the official launch of the Paradise Island AO, with a Murphsie and Third F to follow at Paradise Bakery.
  • Bubbles asked for prayers for his friend Jordan Shaw who is dealing with major health issues.
  • Rollbar asked for continued prayers for his daughter Ruby as she works through her recent Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. Prayers to Rollbar and his wife as well from the PAX as they have to watch their little girl go through her daily pricks and tests.
  • TC announced that his daughter is involved with Camp Kesem, an organization providing free summer camps for children through and beyond their parent’s cancer care. This coming Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, so any donations made to Camp Kesem would be amazingly appreciated. Her goal is $3,000. Donations can be made at : https://www.facebook.com/CampKesemUNL 

Message from Lowman:

  • Remember to Accelerate every day. It’s easy for us to “take a day off” here and “take another day off there” especially during the holidays or during busy periods of work and family schedules, but we must challenge ourselves by asking the question: Did I accelerate today?
  • If the answer is No, understand why and understand what you need to do the next day to make the answer to the question Yes. 
  • Tips to ensure acceleration:
  • Set your shoes and gear out the night before
  • Have a plan, and a backup plan, i.e. if I can’t find a gym, can I run a mile or two instead?
  • Ask others to hold you accountable.

Full note from TC on his Daughter’s fundraising efforts for Camp Kesem:

Please consider donating to Camp Kesem at UNL this Giving Tuesday. Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer.

A program of Kesem, Camp Kesem operates over 100 free summer camps in 40  states for children ages 6 to 18 who have been touched by a parent’s cancer. This camping experience has a lasting impact on children by providing them a peer-support network that understands their unique needs, builds confidence and strengthens their communication skills. In 2018, Camp Kesem served over 8,000 children coast-to-coast – all funded by generous donations from individuals and corporate support. 




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