AO: The Maize (Copperfields)

PAX: Vandelay, Grease Monkey, Waffle House, The Plague, Placebo, Big One, Ethanol, Bubbles, Cyclone, TC, Crab Cakes, Gipper, Lowman, Ludacris (FNG aka Rick Hillstrom), LeMond (FNG aka Al Eastland)

QIC: Lemon Law

WEATHER: c. 45° F, clear skies, sunny; a beautiful morning for which we can be thankful.

YHC welcomed the PAX and 2 FNGs (props to Gipper for headlocking out-of-town relatives into posting.)


PAX moseyed to the far goalpost for:

Kerrigans x10 IC forward, switch foot, x10 IC reverse

Stringrippers x10 IC

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

Windmills x10 IC

SSH x10 IC

Then PAX moseyed to the basketball court for…


Four stations were set up on the corners of the court. PAX numbered off into 4 groups, and went to their assigned corner. As it’s Thanksgiving, 2nd F was incorporated as follows: at each station, PAX shared something for which they were thankful.  This was done while doing “turkey chinooks,” an arbitrary and capricious term for doing chinooks while holding a squat.  

Station 1

Turkey chinooks/give thanks

Merkins x10 IC

SSH x15 IC

Squats x30 IC, holding hands in the air

Dying cockroaches x10 IC

Chinooks x10 IC

Station 2

Turkey chinooks/give thanks

Cherry pickers x20IC

Hillbillies x10 IC

Peter Parker’s x20 IC

LBCs x25 IC

Chinooks x10 IC

Station 3

Turkey chinooks/give thanks

Shoulder taps x20 IC

Seal jacks x25 IC

Monkey humpers x25 IC

American hammer x15 IC

Chinooks x10 IC

Station 4

Turkey chinooks/give thanks

Moroccan nightclubs x30 IC

Smurf jacks x15 IC

Mountain climbers x15 IC 

Dollys x20 IC

Chinooks x10 IC

Rinsed and started to repeat a 2nd circuit before Omaha was called. PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags for…


Freddie Mercurys x10 IC


Rosalitas x10 IC

Hammer (courtesy of Ethanol) x25 IC


  1. The Woodshed will start at 6am tomorrow (not 5:30)
  2. Paradise Island will start next Wednesday at 5:15am. Props to The Plague for the effort in starting up this AO. 


The reader may have noticed a good shoulder workout for this morning’s beat down.  This was inspired by a recent PBS special, JEREMIAH | Alabama Public Television Documentaries …, in which US Navy CDR George Coker told of his time as a POW for 6 years during Vietnam. At one point, for 66 straight days, he had to stand with his hands above his head from 8am-9pm.  Three important lessons:

  1. Perseverance: whether 66 days, 8 years, or some other time, trials will come to an end.
  2. Brotherhood: Coker could stand 66 days with hands up because Jeremiah Dalton will rap on the wall to let Coker know when the guard had walked away for a few minutes. Support your brothers. 
  3. Faith: all the POWs in the documentary told of how important their faith was to helping them endure the torture and imprisonment. 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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