11/23/2018 | The Woodshed AO | Elmwood Park

PAX: Bubbles, Cyclone (but for today only, Hawkeye), Folsom, Wafflehouse, TC, Big One, Sourdough (FNG aka David Fields), Baywatch (FNG aka Jared Givens), the Plague, No Doze, Ponzi, Baby Grand

Weather: an almost Summery 45 degrees

Q: Baby Grand, Ponzi & Wafflehouse
F3 Intro and Disclaimer were given before moseying to the grotto, 2 FNG’s appeared out of the gloom!

*Folsom tweeted out his plans to bring the tunes and warned others NOT to fartsack. the workout Then he decided to do his own fartsacking and arrived 7 minutes late for the workout. Thanks Folsom! At least he still remembered to bring the tunes!


Sun Gods sobriety style & reverse

Tappy Taps + Tater Tot Tappy Taps

Imperial Squat Walkers



Baby Grand introduced the PAX to running wall burpees


Ponzi introduced the “12 Days of Christmas” (12 exercises – split into 4 rounds of 3 exercises) and had the PAX number off into 4 groups. The goal was to sprint about 100 yards to each station but we quickly found that the groupings were too far apart and death by AMRAP was becoming a real possibility. Ponzi adapted the setup to bring the following stations closer together:

Station 1 – Cardio

15 Burpees

20 Bobby Hurleys

35 Smurf Jacks

Station 2 – Chest (AMRAP)



Diamond Merkins

Station 3 – Legs/Shoulders

Carolina Dry Docks

Monkey Humpers

Air Chair w/ Cherry Pickers

Station 4 – Abs

Pickle Pushers – Bubba Gump & Biggie Smalls appeared from out of nowhere, dropped to do some pickle pushers, then disappeared just as quickly.

Mountain Climbers

Plank to Chill Cut

6 MoM

Wafflehouse produced a garden gnome in honor of the PAX’s purchasing power during Black Friday. The gnome proceeded to lead us in the following exercises:
Heel touch x 20 IC
E2K x10 R-L
Heels to heaven x15 IC
American Hammer x20 IC



2 FNGs were named. Welcome to Baywatch & Sourdough!

Announcements & Prayers

No Doze recently saw a sad indoor bootcamp and reminded us to be thankful for all we have in this group and to invite others to experience F3.

Message from Baby Grand

Gratitude 2.0 –

When Ponzi opened The Woodshed he invited Baby Grand to week 1 and BG reluctantly said “Yes”. He had no idea that workout, the men of F3 and the message from Ponzi on “gratitude” would completely turn his year around. He was struggling with his fitness and the direction of his career in 2018. Ponzi had shared the quote “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” by Melody Beattie and Baby Grand reminded the group of this.
A month after regular F3 workouts and the daily practice of gratitude, Baby Grand shared with Ponzi how big a difference this had made for him. Baby Grand then challenged the group to find someone today to reach out to and let them how they’ve impacted you – put your gratitude into action!

Baby Grand closed in prayer and turned in his VQ card.Aye!

Baby Grand, Ponzi & Wafflehouse

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