10/6/2018 BOYS TOWN AO – The Oracle 

PAX:  CSI, Bluegrass, Reba, Dufner, Gipper, Cyclone, Waffle House, Thunderhead, Hard Hat, Kilowatt, Tatertot, The Plague, Dufresne, TC, Wait Time, Truss, Specimen, Vandelay, Placebo, Short STack, Compost, Meatball, Lowman 

QIC: Lowman

Welcomed 23 PAX to a cool 45° morning at The Oracle. Upon reminding all that he is not a professional, Lowman reminded PAX to smile, as they were about to get the happiest of beatdowns


The PAX moseyed to the Farmer’s Market for Warma-a-rama:

Windmills 20 IC → Happy Jacks 4 IC → Imperial Walkers 16 IC → Sun Gods, Chinooks 20 each IC (no rest) → Cherry Pickers 16 IC


 PAX moseyed to the stairs while Wait Time went on a mission of AO exploration to find winter nesting grounds for the PAX, and may have found a proper canyon for shelter from the storm. As PAX pondered that Bob Dylan classic, another, more powerful voice could be heard heard. That voice was none other than their dear friend, Freddie Mercury.

“Don’t Stop Planking Now”

PAX arrived at the stairs just in time to plank for the entirety of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, and were taught that even while suffering, remember to have a good time…in this case, by properly executing one Merkin for every time Freddie said “Stop” in this famously fun song. 

With dreams of Bohemian Rhapsody dancing in their heads, PAX moseyed to the soccer fields to discover their next fun adventure. 

Ultimate Frismerkin”

Continuing on the theme Specimen set a few weeks back, PAX engaged in a thrilling game of Ultimate Frisbee. While PAX knew that dropping the frisbee would lead to pain all around in the form of penalty merkins, squats and monkey humpers, that did not stop many a miscalculated throw and ensuing exercise. At the end of 20 minutes however, 23 PAX had big grins on their faces and were reminded once again that a good smile, even in the face of pain, can do wonders for a man. 

“Squat Until Tomorrow” (Leg it Be)

PAX finished the rousing game of UFM, ready for a mosey to the flag, but were surprised to learn that one more song selection was about to be made. The Beatles Let it Be known that even though Freddie had blasted arms and chests, legs needed a bit more focus before the final mosey would occur. PAX squatted and held for each “Let it Be” and enjoyed a brilliant guitar solo in the squat position, which many said led to the biggest smiles of the entire day. 

Mosey to the Shovel Flag 


The first four of six minutes were made quite difficult by the mellow, but upbeat sounds of Pharrell and his hit “Happy” with PAX sustaining a bicycle and LBCing on each “Happy” occurrence.  

TC, broken foot and all, took us home with a grinnful American Hammer (20) x 2

Circle of Trust:

Announcements & Prayers:

 Waffle House announced the need for volunteers to place flags in his neighborhood on Veterans Day (Monday, November 12). He will share more details and they are set. 
 Prayers for our F3 Brothers running the Market to Market race today
 Lowman shared more about the Pablove Foundation and their Pablove Across America bike ride that raises funds for pediatric cancer research and programs that benefit families and kids affected by the disease, and thanked PAX for all of the support @F3Omaha has shown him and PAA.
 Lowman closed by reminding PAX of the need for continuous acceleration in our daily lives, even when we don’t want to, and that we cannot be there for those that depend on us, unless we first take care of ourselves (and each other).   

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