F3Nation exists across the world – on three continents.  Weather in Omaha is different from Charlotte, Uganda and Phoenix.  No matter the climate, a Core Principle of F3 is that workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.

F3Omaha PAX have completed the Murph when it was raining sideways and at times the rain felt like it was coming from the ground.  Omaha has particularly brutal weather – heat and humidity in the summer and chilling winds in the winter.  Omaha men are tough, but being “tough” is different from being stupid.

With regards to weather, being stupid often stems from being unprepared.  For some guys, F3 calls them to workout in conditions that they have never encountered.  In an effort to prepare the PAX for all types of Nebraska weather, we have offered these tips on gear.

f3 weather

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