10/5/2018 ELMWOOD AO – The Woodshed

PAX:  Wait-Time,  Lowman, Ponzi, Baby Grand, Pablo, Brazilian, Peekaboo, Cyclone, Tater Tot, Tonight Show, & The Plague

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 11 PAX to a warm 47° morning at The Woodshed. Upon reminding all that he is not a professional, The Plague produced a wienke of pain; aiming to assist the PAX in digesting the DRP.


The PAX moseyed to the grato for Warma-a-rama:

Imperial Walkers 20 IC SSH 15 IC Leg Cherry Pickers 15 IC Arm Cherry Pickers 15 IC Pickle pushers 15 IC

PAX moseyed to nearby field, searching for raccoons along the way. The Plague reminded PAX that the plague of 1347 was carried from fleas to rodents to humans.

Bearcrawl Inch worm

PAX arrived at field and proceeded to complete the Bearcrawl Inch worm. PAX looked up head to toe in plank while HIM at end of the line bearcrawled to the front. While waiting, reminding PAX performed Merkins in sets of 5.

The Dirty MacDuece

PAX  then moseyed to new area of AO, said by area historians to be infested with rodents, likely caring the plague. PAX was on the lookout constantly checking their six for these plague-carrying varmints.

PAX got into pairs and completed the Dirty MacDuece:

Between rounds, each group ran up nearby hill and back down, then began next round.

Super 12s

PAX moseyed toward flags and stopped in the field for Super 12s with alternating Merkins and Big Boy Sit-ups.

6 MoM

PAX moseyed to flags for six MOM:

  • Gas pumps x 15 IC
  • Crunchy frogs x 15 IC
  • Marge/Homer
  • American Hammer x 20 IC

Circle of Trust:

  • Prayers:
    • Ponzis son Teddy seeing doctor for eye problems
    • Tonight show’s wife going out of town – pray for the kids
    • aitt Time – reminded group why F3 is for men only (this was also clearly demonstrated by behavior of the PAX during the beat down)
  • The Plague reminded PAX about the F3 Q Source, specifically Q1.1 about the Daily Red Pill (DRP) https://f3nation.com/2018/01/13/drp-2/
  • Coffetorium will be held at Starbucks following the beatdown. Meet there for fellowship and edumacation

PAX is advised to continue checking their 6 for plague infested rodents and take your daily red pill (DRP) to accelerate your life.


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