Thursday, July 20, 2023 | Copperfield Park AO | The Labyrinth & The Maize | 5:30 AM | Sunny and Mild 68 degrees|

PAX: Speed Bump, Kingsford, Greco, McCracken, Tardy, Turtle, Lil’ House, Da Fridge, Long Neck, Steeple, The Big One, Gator, Vandelay, Bubbles, Obi-Wan, Strormchaser, Chiclets, Cataracts, FNG Kenny (Walkman), FNG Brian (Tae-Bo), Cousin Eddie, Sgt. Pencil, Ozark, FNG Matt (MySpace), Unicycle, Slow Clap, Escobar, Pit Stop, Barbed Wire, Billboard, Barn Door , Yodel, Hemi, Mufasa, Sasquash, and Wait Time.
QICs: Sasquash & Wait Time

PAX met at the normal shovel flag locations for the Labyrinth and Maize. We welcomed three FNGs to the gloom. What a glorious morning for a beatdown! After sharing the mission, five principles and disclaimer (including “for the next 45 minutes I am not your friend”), we launched from our respective shovel flags. Sasquash was kind enough to converge the Maize PAX members with the Labyrinth PAX in celebration of YHC’s eight year anniversary.

The PAX would do our regular “Pearls on a String” run around the lake. Each stop would include a cumulative set of exercises at each step. Each exercise was completed a magical eight times.

Stop 1: Machtar Ndiaye x 8 IC
Stop 2: Machtar Ndiaye x 8 IC | Burpees x 8 OYO
Stop 3: Machtar Ndiaye x 8 IC | Burpees x 8 OYO | Turkish Get-ups x 8
Stop 4: Machtar Ndiaye x 8 IC | Burpees x 8 OYO | Turkish Get-ups x 8 | Big Boy Sit-ups x 8
Stop 5: Alarm Clocks x 8 [Modified due to time]
Stop 6: Clock Merkins x 8 [12-3-6-9 o’clock]

PAX returned to the Maize Shovel flag for Name-A-Rama, Announcements and COT.

BRUSH UP OMAHA. PAX can still register and participate in the Brush Up Omaha volunteer day. Thor is the Q of the event. We need 25 volunteers for the house painting project.
PRAYERS: Pit Stop and his M, Lindsey. Flowers, Room Services and Pete, Bob Sled.


The magic of 8 existed everywhere in the gloom. As I was preparing to celebrate and Q on my eight-year anniversary, I researched what, if any, spiritual meaning the number 8 may represent. Unknowlingly, I wore my Trident shirt to the workout, which has an OCTOPUS on the back of the shirt. At Coffeeteria, Sasquash showed me the COT he prepared in case the groups weren’t able to connect and he needed to have a COT ready. We chose the exact same themes (without ever speaking about it).

My F3 journey began eight years ago in Greensboro, NC. Tommy Boy EH’d me at the Green Valley pool. He rescued me from swimming laps (which I hated with a passion). I was swimming because I had injured my foot. I wanted out of the pool, so on Monday July 20, 2015, I showed up at “Latham Grinder.” Butt Fumble was the Q, and he kicked my ass. I was hooked.

The number 8 shares its shape with the infinity sign. If you flip an 8 on it’s side, it becomes the infinity symbol. It is a number that comes with positive energy, the power of transitions, and the possibility of infinite abundance. It also comes with themes of success,, self-discipline, and is a sign of encouragement and deep, meaningful love. It represents a spiritual awakening.

I talk a lot about living an infinite game life. F3 has always represented the infinite game. When F3Omaha was started it was about “keeping the game going” to infinity. During the first year, I was worried if F3 was sustainable in Omaha – especially during the winter. F3 is like a daily recess. To me, it represents the football or baseball game we played in the side yard when we were kids. In those days, it was not about who won and lost the game, it was about how we kept the game going.

In those games, neighborhood kids would come into the hours-long game, and neighborhood kids would be called home and leave the game. The goal of the game – just keep it going. It is exactly like F3. PAX come into F3. PAX drift out of F3. It is important that we have leaders who are intent on keeping a game open to all men, so we can have our daily morning recess.

The number 8 really represents all the ways that my life has been enriched by F3. I have an abundant amount of friends. I have a Shieldlock and group of friends who have guided me through transitions. F3 has strengthened my self-discipline. The PAX have expressed encouragement and deep, meaningful love. My spirit was awakened eight years ago.

Thank you to all the high impact men from F3Omaha and F3Greensboro. If I die tomorrow, I will have lived a wholehearted life and known how it feels to be loved abundantly. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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