Stingers Swagger in Sarpy Sanitarium 

7/18/23, The Sanitarium, F3 Omaha

Q:  Honey Stinger

PAX:  Toadstool, Knobbs, Double Dip, Fun Dip, Squeaky Clean, Irish Car Bomb, Shocker, Big Rig, Animal House, Harding, Chestnut, Ladybug, Boss Hog, Uncle Jessie, Longboard, WoodStock, Mr. Hankey, Parsecs

5:30am-Greetings, salutations, mission statement, core principles, hugs and handshakes.  Stinger realizes quickly that this is a chatty crew  is going to need to be managed very carefully.  The PAX immediately starts jabbing at the Q about his awesome armless shirt that he may have had to cut around the neck for added comfort;). 

5:32am-The PAX takes off on a brisk mosey that takes a path around the parking lot and ends up in front of the school where Stinger circles up the PAX for a fast paced WOR that includes SSHs, Good Balls (thanks Toadstool), MTN Climbers, Hillbilly Rockettes, Imperial Walkers, and a solid set of ATMs

Stinger then leads the PAX a short distance to the west to the cement structures that surround the front of the school.  Stinger leads the group through 2 rounds of step ups IC, jump ups, Dips, Incline Merkins, and Derkins, 

At this point mumblechatter has already started so Stinger plows right through and leads the PAX on a brisk mosey toward the track for 2 laps of string of pearls.  Stinger has the PAX stop at after a half lap of brisk running for a round of 3 exercises that include monkey humpers, jump squats, werkins, LBCs, flutter kicks, burpees, merkins and alt shoulder taps.

After the last round of strings of pearl exercises the PAX is told to team up in 3s for a grinder on the bleachers.  Stinger encourages the PAX to occasionally let out their best battle cry/rebel yell!  Some passionate vocal expression was definitely expressed.  The Grinder included the following:merkins, squat jumps, flutter kicks, Carolina DD, Sumo Squats, heels to heaven, alt shoulder taps, goof balls, LBCs, sun gods, calf raises, big boys.

6:05am:  Stinger calls Omaha and a tired, weary and beat down PAX mosey towards the shovel flags for 6MM

6MM:  flutter kicks, heel touches, oh yeahs, pickle pushers, LBCs and American hammers

Announcements:  Shoe drive, blood drives, paint house initiative

Prayers:  that’s between the PAX and the Sky Q

COT:  F3 like any solid and successful institution has a mission statement and core principal initiatives. When these initiatives are followed the organization can struggle to advance in a positive way.  Sarpys growth in numbers is a sign that these principals have been held true especially the principal of being open to ALL men.  Stinger feels this to be the most important of principals and recently saw another institution show a sign of of being open by reading this before one of its events.  It reads as follows:

Welcome to Sacred Heart!  All are welcome here.  We extend a special welcome to people who are single, married, divorced, strait, LGBTQ, wealthy, comfortable or materially poor.  We welcome people of all races and cultures, indigenous and non-indigenous folks alike.

We welcome crying Crying newborns excited toddlers and teenagers who are growing up too fast we welcome young adults and the young at heart we welcome individuals with differing abilities those of all body types all genders and persons with unique conditions we welcome soccer dads football moms starving artist tree huggers latte sippers craft beer drinkers vegetarians and junk food eaters we welcome those who drive pickup trucks and those who drive a Prius we welcome those with addictions and those working through recovery we welcome you if you are down in the dumps and in need of a shoulder to lean on if you are a traditional Catholic or if you don’t like organized religion we’ve got room for everyone we welcome you or if you were just browsing just woke up just got out of jail we don’t care if you come every week if you only come when grandma is in town if you haven’t been here since little Joe’s baptism or have never set foot in the church we welcome those physically present and those joining online we welcome those who are inked pierced for both we welcome those who are liberal conservative or middle of the road we offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now with those with full hearts those who feel empty those who had religion shoved down their throats as kids or those who got lost in traffic and wound up here we welcome tourists seekers doubters bleeding hearts and most importantly we welcome you! Sometimes.

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