September 14, 2023 | Labyrinth | AO – Zip Line

PAX [5]: Tonight Show, Gator, Barn Door, Canadian Bacon, Paddy Mayonnaise, Burgendy, Kick Stand, Griswald, Hard Hat, Blades or Glory, and Slow Clap

Q: Slow Clap 

Beautiful, crisp fall-like late summary morning at the Labyrinth . . . Extremely grateful for these HIM that showed their love and support for me by coming out to the Labyrinth.

The Workout:

Warm up: Run to Day Care Center to Warm up

• 15 Side Straddle Hops IC

• 10 Big ones (5 each side)

• 10 Tappy taps

1 Mile to round-about.  

• 1 Mile to Reagan Elementary school

• Down Atlas 

• Across F to G

• G to 198th Ave

• 198th to the school

School Workout:

• 50 Bobby Hurleys 

Run to F and S HWS Cleveland Blvd – F St Workout:

• 198 St to Cleveland 

• Cleaveland to F St. Park

• 40 Merkins 

Run to D St Park – D St Workout:

• F St Park to D St

• 30 Mountain Climbers

Run to B St – B St Workout:

• D St to B St.

• 20 LBC’s

Run to Shuffle Flag




Vala’s this weekend. Big thanks to Crab Cakes and his family

T-Clap’s and Burgandy’s first Labyrinth

Project Pink Shirts

Prayer Requests:

Tassel’s wife is having a mastectomy – prayers for save and successful surgery  


Story of the trophies. Any success you achieve – the accomplishments and trophies – at the expense of your relationships isn’t really success. Live your life so that when you come to the end you and your relationships will be stronger and closer because of the choices you have made. God wants us to have an external perspective – not on ourselves – which we must live for others to have great relationships and leave a lasting legacy.  

Love never gives up . . . cares more for others than for yourself . . . Doesn’t keep score . . . Puts up with anything . . . Trusts God always . . . Always looks for the best . . . Never looks back . . . But keeps going to end. 

1 Corinthians 13:4-5, 7; Message Bible

What’s a tragedy, is so many allow their feelings and emotions of love alone to decide whether they will continue to care about others, instead of allowing both mind and heart to choose to love another even when others are not lovable.

Slow Clap

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