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Q: Gunner

This was my first non CSAUP posting at The Danger Zone.  It is always great to dip down into Sarpy and make a Q appearance.  After driving around this massive lot, I found the pre-runners parked in the SE corner of the campus.  Thanks to Black Tuesday and Rooney for opening up the field for a the beatdown.

The energy was just terrific from this 7 men.  Small workout groups are so fantastic.  To get the ball rollin, I stated the Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, the injury disclaimer and the Six Credo, even though there would be no six in this workout. We headed out for business.

Warmarama – Bottom of the Hill at the retaining wall

We loosened up the back muscles with Windmills – Tappy Taps

Yoga Moves to stretch a bit

Pre-Thang – at the retaining wall and hill

20 Dips – Bernie Sanders up the hill for a 15 count – 5 Alarm Clocks

15 Toe Touches in Peoples Chair  – Crab Walk Up- 5 Alarm Clocks

The Thang

Sprints – Goal Line to 40 yards 5 times

After 5 sprints

10 Merkins

10 Big Boys

10 Plank Jacks

Bear Crawl 5 yds Repeat exercises

Sprints – 50 yard to Goaline 5 times

8-8-8 Ranger Merkins

8-8-8 Squats

Perform twice

Sprints to Cone-turn and back pedal (20 yard line)

5th Time – Back pedal – sprint to the other 20 yardline

10-Jump Rope Burpees we did around the circle for a total of 8 sets

20 yard sprints – we did 16 times

Failure to Launch – Birthday edition- We circled up and counted to our birthday date for the launch

Mary – We crushed out a strong succession of Core exercises and performed a final Pax count to a round of Sarpy Slammers

Before heading back to the shovel flag, the group moseyed back through the sprint course to retrieve the cones.

We did announcement and special prayer intentions before I closed out the 45-minute beatdown session with a COT about how our nation’s communities really untied with compassion after Nine-Eleven.

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