September 13th, 2023 – Paradise Island – Lean In

Pre-runners: Lots

PAX (21): Blades of Glory, Sven, Snow Leopard, Cougar, Black Lung, Stella, Tight Lip, Dirty Bird, Low Flow, Break Room, Laser Jet, FDIC, Vandelay, High Hat, Hindsight, Tom Tom, Samples, Safe Ride, Redacted, Cutting Edge

Q: Boss Hogg

I welcomed the PAX on a beautifully cool morning at 0515. We covered F3’s Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, and our Credo. I informed the PAX that I am not a professional and to modify today’s workout as necessary. No FNGs this morning. 

The Pax moseyed west on Pacific St and entered the Regency Apartments. The Pax stopped briefly in the south parking lot of the apartments for some Warm-O-Rama which included:

·         10 Tappy Taps IC

·         10 Big Ones IC

·         20 SSH IC – final five to be done in silence. We weren’t able to finish in unison, so we completed a 5 Burpee penalty

The Pax continued their mosey around the Regency Lake trail, running counterclockwise until stopping at the bank parking lot on the NE edge of the lake. The PAX completed:

·         5 BDE Burpees (IPC inspired)

·         20 Merkins

·         20 Flutterkicks IC

We ran briefly south to the entrance of the Regency Tennis Club at the intersection of Regency Pkwy and Harney Pkwy. Here the Pax completed:

·         5 BDE Merkins (IPC inspired)

·         30 Air Squats

·         15 LBCs IC

The group headed east up the Harney Pkwy hill, running and stopping at Regency Park. The Pax completed a final set of exercises which included:

·         20 Carolina Dry Docks

·         15 Heels to Heaven IC

·         5 Motivators IC

The Pax then enjoyed a nice downhill mosey, heading south down Fieldcrest, then taking the walking path that connects to Pacific Street, and west back to the shovel flag.

The Pax completed 20 American Hammers (Black Lung had to bounce)


·        IPC the rest of the week. Check the IPC and APEX Twitter handles

·         Popup on Saturday morning at Bunz Town in Bennington

·         Vala’s this weekend courtesy of Crab Cakes

·         Heartland Hope Toy and Clothing Drive is going on the rest of this month

·         Q-Source to follow this morning

·         Prayers were held in our hearts this morning



I posted at the Brickyard last week. Animal House gave a COT talking about how our F3 brothers are there if we need help and to lean on them when needed. I had been thinking about this since his COT and discussed how I’ve connected with a smaller subset of F3 men. It’s not a Shield Lock by definition, but there is generally communication happening between this group on a daily basis. Most of the time, it’s nonsense and jokes, which definitely has value as it always puts a smile on my face, but the heavy stuff – prayers, encouragement, inspiration, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable – is what I’ve really come to appreciate about this special group. I spoke about how we hear the phrase “you get what you give” fairly frequently in F3, but that I’ve been directly experiencing that with this group. These relationships have led to my own personal growth on multiple levels, and I encouraged the Pax to lean into these relationships.

I took the group out in prayer.


Boss Hogg 

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