Top Rope

Wednesday September 13, 2023

Aldrich Elementary (506 N 162nd Ave, Omaha, NE 68118

51 degrees and clear. Nice cool morning to start off the day

28 PAX: Roadhouse, Q-Tip (Respect/Respect), The Fridge, Doppler, Amazing, Father Time, Kielbasa, Steeple, Smelly Cat, Sergeant Pencil (Respect/Respect), Brown Bag, Tupac, Barber Shop, Juke Box, Vespa (Respect), Mrs. B, High Point (Respect/Respect), Papa Smurf, Starlord, Cadbury, Haboob, Big Unit, Sister Act, Tug Boat, Yodel, Flat Stick, Pre Game, Boji

QIC: Boji

The alarm went off at 4:30am waking me from the sleep of the dead. I pulled myself out of to face the day and lead one of my favorite AO’s in F3 Omahaat.  Top Rope is where I did my VQ so it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

I arrived at the location shortly before 5:00am.  For only the second time since the mornings have been cooler, I had to grab a long sleeve t-shirt out of my duffle bag to keep the cooler air at bay.  I noticed this morning that I have been putting more clothes in my F3 bag without even realizing it.  I walked down to the open field on the back side of the trail behind Aldrich to set up for The Thang.  I quickly realized after walking onto the grass that we were going to get wet due to the dew on the ground.  I decided to stay with the original plan as it is getting to be the time of year to get the boot dryers back out.

I walked back to the parking lot to plant the Iditarod flag and came across Q-Tip.  We decided to do a short mosey together with the time we had left before the beatdown would begin.  We had a nice conversation about raising kids, golf, and life in general.  I always value the time I get to spend fellow PAX one-on-one in the morning!  Thanks for running with me Q-Tip!

I greeted the other 27 PAX as we gathered around the shovel flags.  At 5:30am I welcomed everyone to F3 Omaha and to Top Rope.  We had no FNG’s, no one from down range, or no first time “Top Ropers” this morning. I recited the F3 mission statement, 5 core principles, credo, let everyone know that I was not a professional and to modify the exercises as needed.  I also let everyone know that there was a high probability of them getting wet this morning.

We moseyed to the soccer field on the back side of Aldrich for Warm-O-Rama:

Warm-O-Rama – Soccer Field

  • 20 Side Straddle Hops IC (10 Counted Out Loud / 10 In Silence)
  • 10 Tappy Taps IC
  • 6 Big Ones (3 On Each Side Slow Count)
  • 20 Sun Gods IC (10 Front & 10 Back)

After completing Warm-O-Rama we moseyed around to the front of the school for the Pre-Thang. 

Pre Thang

Each PAX member grabbed a spot of rail at the front of the school to perform each of the following exercises 2X:

  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Inclined Merkins

We concluded the Pre-Thang with 30 Air Squats led by Tug Boat

Upon conclusion of the Pre Thang we moseyed back around the school and down the trail to the open field for The Thang.

The Thang

I had three (3) sets of lights set up to represent a starting point, middle point, and end point (goal line / 50 yard line/ goal line).  We did a Modified Ladder workout.  We started with 15 Merkins on the lights on one end of the field, 14 Big Boys on the far end, 13 Merkins, 12 Big Boys……all the way to 1 Merkin.  We stopped and did 3 Burpees each time we crossed the middle point (i.e. 50 yard line).

  • 15 Merkins / 14 Big Boys / 13 Merkins…….
    • 3 Burpees at mid point

I enjoy this workout because we can do it as a group and we wait for the six as a group.  There was a lot of mumble chatter this morning.  I had a really good laugh when Roadhouse expressed his displeasure in the fact he was soaking wet and had no extra clothes for coffee.  I informed him that was simply poor planning on his part.

Omaha was called at 6:02am, the PAX gathered the lights and we moseyed back up the trail to the shovel flags for Mary.

6 Minutes of Mary

Boji asked the PAX to circle up and get on their six.  We did one (1) round of Rancid Style American Hammers.



  • Valas fire pit night this upcoming Friday 9/15 (Thank you Crab Cakes)!!
  • 2nd F opportunity next Wednesday @ Tracks
  • Queen Service will be starting soon
  • Bunstown Pop-Up this upcoming Saturday
  • Check Slack….


With this week being the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 it brought me to reflect on how unified as a country we were in the days, weeks & months following 9/11.  We cared about our fellow man and did not judge him/her based on cultural or social differences.  We were all human beings united by an unbelievable tragedy. 

As I look at our country today twenty-two years later, I feel we are as divided as a society as we have ever been.  There are many reasons behind this that we don’t need to dive into but it is something we all feel and see everyday.

As I look around the circle this morning I am surrounded by high impact men that come from various backgrounds, multitude of industries.  In many ways, we are a very diverse group but what makes us unique is we all have the common desire to make our community/world a better place.   

Be the change you want to see in the world.  You can make a difference.

Boji led us out in prayer

Thank you to all that came out to Top Rope this morning to support my Q.  Thank you to Steeple for the opportunity to once again lead Top Rope.

Blessing to all – Boji

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