AO @ Zorinsky Lake (156th & F Street, Omaha, NE)

51 Degrees, clear morning with a fingernail moon in the sky. There was a chill in the air and you could feel that autumn is working its way into Nebraska.

QIC: Boji

21 PAX: Crowd Source, Crocs, Switch Foot, DeVito, Dr. Thunder, Ketchup, High Hat, Bambi, Patty Mayonnaise, Hozel Rocket, Peg Leg, Scoober, Vlasic, Barb Wire, Griswold, Kick Stand, Obi-Wan, Escobar, 12 Gauge, Lincoln Logs, Boji

I arrived at the AO just before 5:00am to set up for the beatdown.  I was surprised by the number of vehicles in the parking lot when I arrived, lots of guys out doing a pre-run.  After setting up for the beatdown I drove back to the parking lot to plant the Iditarod flag.  I was greeted by Ketchup as he was doing his normal routine getting the site ready for the morning activities.

3 PAX (Griswold, Kickstand & Patty Mayonnaise) came running out of the woods for what I thought was early to be completing the pre-run. We found out that they did more than the normal pre-run.  They began at 4:15am and ran the entire 7+ miles around the lake.  T-Claps to these HIM!!

Other PAX began arriving to the shovel flags either from their pre-run or from their vehicles.  We gathered in a circle and at 5:30am I called the morning festivities into action.

I recited the F3 Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles & Credo.  I let everyone know that I was not a professional and the exercises today are merely suggestions.  We had no FNG’s and one (1) PAX that it was their first time at Wild Kingdom.

We grabbed our coupons and began a “slowsey” (thanks Vlasic) towards the base of the hill by the restrooms.  We dropped the coupons next to the trail and moseyed up the hill for Warm-O-Rama:


  • 20 Side Straddle Hops IC (10 Called Out Loud / 10 In Silence)
  • 15 Tappy Taps (IC)
  • 6 Big Ones (3 on each side)
  • 10 Sun Gods (Front and Back)

Pre-Thang “String of Pearls Mosey”:

  • 1st stop: Half way down the dam trail (30 Merkins)
  • 2nd stop: Near the end of the dam trail (30 Air Squats)

As we were all in a circle upon finishing the air squats I split the group up into pairs of 2 PAX for the Thang.  We moseyed back across the dam trail and down to the bottom of the hill to begin “The Thang”

The Thang Beatdown: 2 Man Grinder. 1 HIM stays at the bottom of hill and begins the reps while the other HIM runs to the top of the hill, does 3 Burpees and then runs back downhill picks up reps while other HIM runs to top of hill and does 3 Burpees.

  • 2 Man Grinder (Total combined reps between 2 HIM Team)
    • 50 Blockees
    • 150 Curls
    • 150 Overhead Press
    • 150 Bench Press
    • 150 Kettle Bell Swings
    • 150 Squats w/ Coupon

Rinse and Repeat until “Omaha”

At 6:04am I called “Omaha”.  We gathered the light, sheets & coupons and began our “Slowsey” back to the shovel flags for Mary

  • Mary
    • Called on Ketchup for 6 inches
    • American Hammers Rancid Style
  • Name O Rama
  • Announcements
    • Valas Pumpkin Patch F3 event Friday 9/15.  Tickets available on Slack and are good throughout the weekend
    • New AO “The Village” will be launched in Gretna.  This will be a Tuesday site and Lincoln Logs will be the Site Q.
  • Prayer Requests
    • Family & Friends of Dr. Matthew Latacha who was killed in a bicycling accident
  • COT
    • Sometimes your presence is the only gift you can provide to people that are going thru hard times.  I have a close friend that lost his son on Friday evening.  My family was struggling with what to do to show support during this time.  We decided the only thing we could do was drive and sit with him and his wife.  We watched the Iowa / Iowa State game together.  I am so grateful that we made that decision as it was exactly what we all needed.  Life is precious, life is short….make the best of every single day. 
  • Boji led us out in prayer

Thank you to Ketchup for allowing me to lead Wild Kingdom this morning.  Thank you to all the PAX that showed up to support.

Blessings – Boji

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