At 5:30 Patty welcomed 16 PAX and shared what F3 stood for, our mission, 5 core principles, disclaimer and our credo.

Warm-A-Rama + Pre-Thang 

PAX moseyed to the north end of the parking lot for warm-a-rama where Patty led the dual WaR and Pre-Thang.

• Sun gods – 15 IC

• Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

• Michael Phelps – 15 IC

• Big Boys – 10 slow count

• Sumo Squats – 15

• High Knees – 15

• Buttkickers – 15

PAX then began the mosey down the hill to Whitehawk lake, stopping/circling-up halfway for 15 Side straddle hops IC.  Pax then finished the remaining mosey (0.75 mile mosey) to the greenspace in the northwest corner of whitehawk lake – Patty’s “backyard” (literally just behind Patty’s house).

The Thang

The 16 PAX circled up in the grass for descending sets of Patty’s favorite arm, shoulder, leg, and core exercises.  The PAX worked through sets of 15 -10 – 5+1 reps of:

• Chuck Norris Merkins

• Werkins

• Heels to Heaven

• Flutter Kicks

• Monkey Humpers (finished with 5+1 Gorilla Humpers), with the “six” all aimed at Patty’s M’s bedroom window.

PAX then mosey’s back up the hill to the Lab, again stopping/circling-up half-way for 15 Side Straddle hops IC (with slide slaps in place of the count).  PAX arrived back at the Lab at 6:05. (1.5 mile total mosey).


Patty shared a prayer of thanksgiving as his soon-to-be freshman daughter was the only freshman to make the Skutt women’s JV volleyball team through her hard work and determination. 


17 HIMS & No FNGs

Circle of Trust:

Patty then shared the symbolism surrounding his VQ site and plan.  While for some PAX there is a debate about whether he found F3 or F3 found him – for Patty it is clear that F3 found him and had been trying hard for years.  For the past 5 years PAX from F3 (Maize) had been gathering in his Patty’s back yard, literally waking him and his M up many mornings with their jovial workouts.  While Patty was intrigued and wanting to know who this group was, he never put the effort in to find out.  Had he known who these men were, why they were gathering, and what they stood for he undoubtedly would have joined at that time!  

Fast forward 5 years to the evening of April 20, 2023 when Patty joined a work dinner meeting at The Drover.  In attendance with Pitstop.  While Patty and Pitstop had never met, we discovered a number of friends/acquaintances and other similarities.  The only difference was Patty was enjoying his 3rd Old Fashioned and Pit was drinking water (in the middle of a hard 100 days).  Pit EH’d Patty to post at The Armory the next morning, and pre-ruck prior.  Patty set down his drink and posted, now posting 3-5 days weekly.  Patty would have benefitted from F3 in his life 5 years ago, but it’s crucial now.  With multiple life challenges in a post-pandemic era, F3 has reminded Patty of 3 P’s.

– Priority – through the words spoken from PAX each morning, Patty is reminded that his M and 2.0’s are his top priorities.  5+1 exercises in “the thang” symbolized his 5 2.0’s + his M.

– Perspective – faith, fitness, and fellowship shared with the men of F3 has given Patty the perspective to recognize that many of us share similar challenges AND similar success, and that at the end of the day his life is pretty damn great!

– Pooh – select members of Patty’s Shield Lock remind him on many mornings that pooh happens (literally).  Fortunately Pit always has us covered with his trusted TP roll…

The moral of Patty’s CoT:  If you think you are missing something in your life, you might start by looking in your own back yard!  There is a good chance it is there, and it has been present for years!

Patty then prayed the PAX out.

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