8/6/2023 Rabbit Hole

Temp: Balmy 70 degrees and overcast

PAX:  –Lil House, Mufasa, U Haul, Lansbury, Pig Pen, Bookworm, Danielson, Spreadsheets, Frosty, Bloodshot, Ricky Bobby, Stranglehold, Demogorgon, Sputnik, Slow Pitch, Water Boy, No Cry, Othello, Lucky Charms

QIC: Touché

The Opener – Touché, Frosty and No Cry were 15 mins late. 

FNG today – 1 Red Bull

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to the docks for some quick thinking warm a rama.

Warm – A – Rama:

20 SSH (IC)

16 Tappy Taps (IC)

10 Big Ones (IC)

16 Imperial Walkers (IC)

Pre Thang – Made up on the spot with help from PAX (you can ask what Frosty was going to do😊)

Mufasa led us in 

10 dips

10 left leg only dips

10 right leg only dips

10 lift both leg lifts (kidding)

Lansbury lead us in 20 Merkins

Slow Pitch lead us in 20 Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey – to the soccer fields for the thang

The Thang: 7 or Ovals instead of diamonds around the pond. 4 stops with exercises ascending from 7 and multiply by 7. Exercise 1 7 Merkins, mosey ¼ around pond to next stop 7 merkins, mosey ¼ to next stop 7 Merkins, mosey ¼ 7 Merkins and so on. Exercises below.

7 Merkins

14 Flutter Kicks

21 Copperhead Squats—I believe this is when Frosty and No Cry were spotted crossing the bridge and a slow clap ensued till full applause and the 2 joined us.

28 Cherry Pickers—

we got to 2 sets and Omaha was called so we can play Ultimate Frisbee

Intense game of UF with no apparent injuries and a controversial TD play at the end. Was he in or not? We’ll never know. The game ended in Rabbit Hole fashion, a tie!! 

Mosey- Back to the shovel flags.


American Hammers


Flag Pass. Thank you to Frosty for asking me to lead the past year. It was great! I love the personality of the Hole. It’s adult recess. We have fun, laugh, sweat, get our heart rates up and lift each other up. I chose No Cry when he posted and was clearly struggling with life. Life happens and it’s not always good. But by the end of the work out No Cry was laughing and encouraging others. Lifting others up. That’s when I knew that was Rabbit Holes next leader. Good luck No Cry! I’m looking forward to your leadership.

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