May 21, 2023 

Site:  Rabbit hole (get in the hole)

Site Q:  Blades of Glory representing “Redwings”

Weather: 65 degrees

2 Pre Runners:  Frosty & Doppler 

10 total Pax: touche, t party, Landsbarry, hei hei, hot wheels , Frosty, jump street, spreadsheet, sputnik, (blades of glory)

Did not start exactly at 7:00 due to trying to sync speaker.. Sorry but as soon as I did I started the intro..

F3 Intro, fitness fellowship, faith, mission statement, 5 core principles, Always….men, out, free, rotate, cot. Modify, pickup 6.

Then the adult men headed towards the splash pad/ picnic tables.

There we did 

Warm a rama:

Side straddle hop 15 IC

Big ones: 8 IC

Broga stretches into pigeon..

Went to the picnic tables to do 

20 dips

20 Derkins

10 each side (one leg lunge) 

20 dips 

20 derkins….

Grabbed the speaker and almost forgot my phone (thx Hot wheel) to head up to the soccer fields.

But first we did a 


Alternating Tabata, 2 sets of 7×50/ 10 sec rest

1.Side lunges

2.Big boys (or core)

3. T-Merkins

4. Broad jump Squat jump 180 (repeat)

5. Unknown f3 name exercise 

6. Chill cut 

7. Burpees

Then we played some ultimate frisbee….

5 on 5 pretty fair teams and perfect size pitch or field that Touche helped me set up before 7:00.  However, the grass was long and wet….. I was describing the grass….

Unsure of who won…. But key events…

Blades of glory overly bragged about one great pass then the next time he passed it it went straight to the opponent’s head (Frosty).   Frosty had a great idea of doing the flying V and running it back all of the way…(that was sarcastic italic) Well I thought the music selection was great because I picked it out.  

Great effort all around on everyone.  Well at least I was sucking wind and ready for Omaha….

Omaha called headed back to the flags to do

29 American Hammers IC (standard @ redwings)

Name O Rama:



COT:  I love mumble chatter and the relationships I have with F3.  Redwings is great, but we count to 699 each time we do a murph that means less mumble chatter, so time in the hole on Sunday is always refreshing.  

Thanks f3 Omaha



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