F3 Omaha May 23, 2023- The Trident, Skipper Q
5/23/2023: Sterling Ridge AO. Approx. 60 degrees, wind light, partly cloudy. Army Theme.
PAX: 6 total- Straight Flush, Kielbasa, Vandelay, Moon Man, Samples, Skipper
Q: Skipper. Skipper presented the mission and disclaimers.
Warm-A-Rama: the PAX moseyed to the parking lot across from the parking garage and performed 15
Side Straddle Hops, 5 Merkins, 15 Chinooks, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Goofballs, 5 Big Ones, and 15 Tappy
The PAX then moseyed to the top level of the parking garage to perform some Army “Military
Movement Drills”. These involved running the length of that level doing a certain movement. The first
one was the “Super Mario” skip as it is affectionately known. Second was the side shuffle down and
back. Third involved running at a moderate pace up and back and then sprinting. Each movement drill
was done twice. These are drills currently used by the US Army.
Once the drills were completed, several minutes of wall sits were conducted along with one “balls to the
Omaha was then called and the PAX moseyed back to the vicinity of the shovel flags for the Thing.
The Thing:
The PAX divided into four groups to perform four Army Physical training test events, which were set out.

  1. Standing Power throw
  2. Hand Release Merkins
  3. Sprint, shuffle, carry
  4. Plank (Chiel cut)
    Each group of 2 was to perform the designated exercise, with Standing Power throw serving as the push
    event. After each PAX had thrown twice, that group was to rotate. Omaha was eventually called.
    Skipper called Omaha and Mary was flutter kicks and then two rounds of American Hammers.
    Name A Rama was completed as normal.
    Announcements & Prayer Requests
    Circle of Trust – Message from the Q- Skipper:
    Theme for the day was military service, benefits of military service, and duties of military

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