The Rabbit Hole: Sponsored by The Trident 9/3/2023

-PAX Present: Tassels, No Cry, Dome, Touche, Frosty (Respect), Blades of Glory, Canadian Bacon (Respect Respect), Irish Car Bomb, Spead Sheets, Doppler, Pig Pen, Bookworm (Hate), Daniel Son (Hate) Kielbasa.

-It was a beautiful 68-degree morning at the New Rabbit Hole AO! I was very excited to see the new digs at Lewis and Clark Middle and come up with more Q ideas for future visits. I arrived at 6:30 am to find Canadian Bacon and Frosty having some mumble chatter just before they left for a pre run. Touche was also putting on his Ruck sack and then made his way down to the track to get loose. Feeling like Mufasa (the Lion, not the PAX), I stood at the edge of the parking lot and surveyed the bounty of this new site. The sun was just cresting over the school at my back and everything the light touched showed a multitude of work out possibilities. It was one of those mornings were the term “Gloom” just didn’t fit.  I also spotted No Cry getting his pre run on at the track. I grabbed my accompaniments out of the back of Frosty’s new convertible (Thanks again for the equipment) and left to set up shop. By the time I got back to the flags the Pax were deep in mumble chatter, this was a solid group of HIM. The Five Core Principles were said, no FNG’s present (tisk tisk), and I advised all to modify as needed. Then I shared the shameful secret I had been withholding, this was my first post to The Rabbit Hole. Luckily, no one seemed to care and we made our way to the soccer field for the Pre-Pre Thang!

-Pre-pre-thang- Stretch it out!

-Hands over head, grab alternating wrist, lean to each side 3 times

            -15 Tappy taps

            -15 count Big Ones on each side

            -10 HIYA squat Kicks (Daniel Son and Bookworms new favorite squat)

            – 3 vinyasa cycles into howl at the moon’s

We then moseyed to the center of the football field/track for the pre-thang

-Pre Thang- Here Comes the Sun

– All the Pax circle up and plank as the song Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles is played. Each time the word “Sun” or “little darling” is said, we did a merkin- It’s one of my favorite warm up exercises to get a good burn. After, the Pax partnered up and we transitioned into the Thang.

-The Thang- Partners take turns running a lap around the ½ the track while the other does the listed exercises. When both have finished that round of exercises, they play a round of rosham burpees. Rosham burpees is a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors while both partners are in a chill cut plank. The best of three winner gets to do 5 merkins while the loser gets to do five burpees. Then the running and AMRAP exercises continue.

-Apollo ohnos while partner runs ½ the track

Round 1 of rosham burpees

-LBC’s while partner runs ½ the track

Round 2 of rosham burpees

– Lunges while partner runs ½ the track

Round 3 of rosham burpees

-Dying cockroaches while partner runs ½ the track

Round 4 of rosham burpees

-SSH’s while partner runs ½ the track

Round 5 of rosham burpees

-Rinse and repeat until Omaha

-I partnered with Doppler who turned out to be a worthy Rock, Paper, Scissors opponent. He figured out my strategy of only throwing rock pretty quickly and I paid in burpees. The pax jammed to some Bruce Springsteen during the grind. I had promised Frosty to play The Boss as payment for him lending me the kick ball equipment (jokes on him, I love Bruce!) I also found out that Blades of Glory drives a hatchback, not a van (my mistake)! We eventually called Omaha, numbered off into Ones and Twos, and made our way to the diamond for some Kick Ball!

-Post Thang (?)- KickBall!

– There was a heated game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for who was at bat first that lasted around 10 rounds, it was quite a spectacle. Eventually team One came out on top, and the game began. The first few innings were even at 0-0, then the Ones took off the gloves. They scored 8 runs before the bleeding stopped thanks to Doppler getting all three outs in that inning. The following at bat looked bleak for team Two, there were 2 outs and a man on first. Miraculously, the Twos dug in and managed to score 8 runs, a comeback for the ages, ending the game in a tie! 😉 Time was called and the PAX headed to the flags for 6MoM.

-6MOM: one round of Rancid style Hammers


Announcements- Frosty is running a used shoe drive, details on Slack. There is also a coat drive in the works with info on Slack

Prayers- Tassels father-in-law had a procedure done and came down with Pneumonia. Also Tassels M, Amy, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, keep him and his family in your prayers.

COT: Beginning:

If you know Slick, you understand how reserved and thoughtful he is, one of the most genuine and considerate men I’ve ever met. When I took over as trident Site Q, He gave me an amazing book about the underlying meaning of everyday words. Throughout the book he highlighted and underlined passages that he connected with, and I wanted to share my take on one that made an impact on me.

The word for this passage is Beginning.

-Beginning is simple, but difficult. When ever you Begin anything, you are consciously choosing the uncomfortable. You are setting aside all your past knowledge and experience to start from scratch. When you pick up a new instrument, start a new job, or try a new hobby, one of the first things you do is try not to be bad at it. And you are going to fail at not being bad at it. We comfort ourselves by staying in the familiar and the rehearsed. It’s easy to continue a path we’ve already walked. When we take the first step of a new beginning, we fall back to a simpler version of ourselves, one of unknowing fear. But taking that first step is also a beacon of courage. In that step, you choose to be vulnerable, to be open to others influence. When we Begin, we are choosing to learn and grow. We are choosing to take away the idea of “someday I will this, Eventually I will that” and turn it into a part of who we are now. We are taking that desire we have held in the distant horizon and inching it closer to who we are, one step at a time.

I personally feel this fear of beginning quite often in nursing school. I feel inadequate at times when caring for patients and that fear overtakes the courage of that beginning first step. But the passage in this book reminds me that I am not alone in this feeling, and it can be overcome. So, I wanted to pass that sentiment on to you all, that Beginning is simple, terrifying, and courageous, and that whenever you begin at anything again, to be kind to yourself.  Namaste!

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