August 10, 2023 The Coop  Swanson Elementary
“Billy Madison” (1995) Directed by Tamra Davis Starring Adam Sandler, Bridgette Wilson, and Norm MacDonald
QIC: Gator

Back to School Movie Trivia Beatdown: Part I

Feeling like I was on a wing and a prayer, I flew into The Coop at 4:35AM to find the cock-of-the-walk himself: Cheap Seats – already nested in the parking lot. Lest he call me a chicken $#!+, I had agreed to pre-Murph with him. I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers this morning, so I grabbed some water to wet my beak, and quickly set up before the rooster crowed. Okay, okay, no more chicken puns unless they are egg-cellent…
Finishing up our American Hammers, I saw we had quite the crowd this morning. The Q welcomed the PAX the F3 and hit the usual intro, including the mission statement, 5 core principles, the credo, and the disclaimer. No FNGs. No first time Coopers. But lots of Billy Madison fans here today, so on with the trivia!

But first a riddle… What has four wheels and flies?

A garbage truck! That’s exactly what pulled in to the parking lot. So, we did 20 merkins and moseyed to the Church parking lot for warmarama!

Billy Madison Trivia #1: Q: In the movie, Billy Madison’s Father is retiring and needs to find someone to run his company. Billy agrees to go back to school for grades 1 through 12 (two weeks for each grade) and, if he graduates, then his father will give Billy the company. What kind of business is the Madison company?

Lots of Pax knew that “Hotels” was the correct answer, button first on the buzzer was… Canadian Bacon?!? He’s never even seen the movie! He must have made it through school by using Cliff’s Notes – well done, Ay!

Bobby Hurley’s x 7
We did some Broga.
Plank / down dog / pigeon / runner’s stretch / Up Dog (Honey Stinger kindly brought along his adorable puppy Frankie. This puppy never lost his way in showing us proper form for up and down dog positions.)
Billy Madison Trivia #2:

Q: What is Billy Madison’s favorite dessert? Silence. The Q was nervous. Would burpees be required? Then I heard Toad Stool say, “Oh! Snack Pack!” I took off my shirt and said “That… is.. correct!”

Bobby Hurley’s x 7

We moseyed down to the wall for the Pre-Thang:

5 Australian Mountain Climbers IC (modify: Mt. Climbers)

10 Chicken Peckers IC (or Alt. Shoulder Taps)

15 Donkey Kicks (or Monkey Humpers)

20 Second Balls to the Wall (or plank)

Ten count from Beaver…

20 Second BTTW 

15 Donkey Kicks

10 Chicken Peckers IC

5 Australian Mountain Climbers IC 


Billy Madison Trivia #3:

Q: Whenever Billy gets drunk, he hallucinates by seeing what kind of animal?

Sister Act knew this one before the Q could finish asking the question!

A: A penguin.

Bobby Hurley’s x 7

Partner up for:
Tha Thang #1: Billy Madison Two-Man Grinder

PAX 1 – Bernie Sanders up the hill and do 2 burpees and run back to flapjack with PAX 2. Take turns doing the following AMRAP exercises:

1st: Merkins

2nd: Air Squats

3rd: LBCs

4th: Side Straddle Hops

5th: Drydocks

6th: Monkey Humpers 

7th: Big Boys

8th: Alarm Clocks

9th: Werkins

10th: Sumo Squats

11th: Flutterkicks

12th: Burpees

The Q took a bribe from Billy’s Dad and called Omaha before completing all grades – but everyone graduated!

Post Thang: Dodgeball!

We played a fun game of dodge ball!

Moseyed back to the Shovel Flags. We returned to find a milk truck waiting for us. The milk was for a classroom, but the Q told the Pax it could be our milk because they don’t gots to know…


This may have been my favorite nameorama with “Stop looking at me Swan!” from Biff, a puppy who did not lose his way, and “I’d rather have a beer!” from Cheap Seats!

PAX (21): Pigpen, Q-Tip (respect x2), Line Dance, Tin Cup (respect), Huffy, Obtuse, Swinger, Saul, Toad Stool, Stella, Honey Stinger, Beaver, Sister Act, Brazillian, Biff, Folsom, Roll Bar, Lemu (respect) , Canadian Bacon (respect x 2), Cheap Seats, and Gator

Announcements: Oscar Mike at The Canyon / Brush Up Project 8/19 (contact Thor or check Third F on Slack) / 2 Club Conundrum 8/12

Prayers: Room Service and Pete / Back to school prayers for the kids , teachers, and staff

COT: The Puppy Who Lost His Way

My COT actually had nothing to do with this great piece of modern literature. Instead, I talked about how quickly you can lose your fitness and how difficult it is to get it back. Whether it’s injury, vacation, or life getting in the way of posting, it doesn’t take long to lose what takes so long to get. And, for me, the fire I once had to get fit is just not there anymore. You could say, I’ve lost my way…

But I also learned that being around more in the mornings (and being less sleep deprived in the evenings) made me a better husband and father. I’m still struggling to find best way to make sure I’m meeting my fitness goals, but also keeping my concentrica correctly in tune. I suppose that will always be a struggle and there will be good days and bad days. I also know, however, that by setting goals and sharing them with my brothers in F3 I will find the accountability I need to do my best. It’s like having a pet – you got a responsibility! Now get out there and find that fucking dog!

With Gratitude,


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