October 10, 2018 | AO – The Maize 

PAX: Waffle House (respect), Wait Time, Hard Hat, Placebo, Ethanol, Daniel San, Rollbar, Q: Thunderhead

Q: Thunderhead

Weather: A gloom but balmy 38°

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

With green behind the ears, I stumbled through our core principles and F3 disclaimer.

Mosey over the bridge and through the woods… (Ethanol finished the line with “to grandmother’s house we go”), we proceeded until we found higher ground to finish off our warm up. 


SSH x 20  |  Imperial walker x 15 | Windmills x 15


The PAX finally thawed out and we carried on for a nice indian run to the other end of the lake. At the end, 20 burpees was the pick after Ethanol gave a quick 10 count. The PAX were now loose and on fire!  Taking advantage of the situation we just happened to find a lovely hill with a great view overlooking the lake. 

B.O.M.B’s was the name of the game – PAX partnered up as the goal was to run down and backpedal back up the hill for the tag.  Partners on top started the honor of each exercise.

25 more Burpees | 50 Overhead Claps | 100 Merkins | 150 Big Boy situps | 200 Squats

As we mosey on back for MoM we made sure we squeezed in some merkins to make Wait Time happy. PAX were getting closer to the finish line and started a little weak mumblechatter that tights may be a good idea and not just for Sally. (Ethanol) 


Pick a fav: Waffle House – Crunchy Frogs but before Wait Time corrected, it was more like Flattened Frog Kicks. |  Ethanol – Squats of some sorts |  Daniel San finished us off with Merican hammers. 

In all, it was a good thursday beatdown.

Count-off & Name-O-Rama

A brave pack of 8 PAX.


Rollbar took us home.



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