Tuesday, April 11, 2023 |The Sanitarium|Papillion La-Vista High School, Papillion, NE | 51 degrees, 5.3 mi/h S Wind, feels like 50, 89% humidity.

“Names Only and the F3 ATM”

21 Pax: KOA, Squeaky Clean, Knobs, Truck Stop, Mortar, Lady Bug, Baby Shark, Rooney, Big Rig, Simmons, Q-Tip, GirdDad, Double Dip, Feeny, Levy, Sweet Roll, Dozer, Uncle Jesse, Shocker, Mr. Hanky (not on video), Swiper

QIC:  Swiper

5:00 am Pre Run: Double Dip, KOA, Jean Claude, GirlDad, Simmons Swiper; Pre Ruck: Q-Tip                      

5:30 am I started my watch, jogged down to the track and dropped off a couple cones, back up and there was a good group of pre runners.  We took off and it was a fast one….JC and KOA kept up crushing the hills, Double Dip also.  Girl Dad and I were hanging on and so was Simmons.  We all pushed hard and got in a good one.

We finished and pax kept arriving, Some new faces so I introduced myself. Big Rig, etc….good group.  I kicked off the workout and welcomed the Pax to F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.   – I reminded them of the mission to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the Re-invigoration (or first time Invigoration) of male community leadership.   (I might have actually forgot to say this part after running that fast in the pre run, but we will assume I did say it for the back blast)…..

Then I covered the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Open to ALL men. 2.  Always Free.  3) Always held outdoors, 4) Lead in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). (I know I nailed this part…..as I thinking about Uncle Jesse, when I saw him, how he got mixed up at his VQ on Friday at the Bell Tower….but that workout was the inspiration for this one, so thanks brother and HAVE MERCY!)

I then mentioned our Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.  If you come to my workouts, I like to move, so we always pick up the six!  I ended with a reminder to the PAX that I am not a professional.  Modify as necessary.  Workouts are all a suggestion.  From this point forward there is a real risk of injury. 

I then informed the Pax that today’s workout would consist only of workouts named after a person, a Superhero, a cartoon, or just an 11 year old daughter of Swiper. 

We would mosey and start with Cherry Swipes – Running while doing Cherry Pickers – a Name given to them by Big One or Mother Goose – one of those studs, I can’t remember which one and I often get them confused…..did I say that out loud?

We Swiped Right up the tennis courts and circle up for WOR.

5:35 am  Warm-a-rama

  • 12 Tater Top Taps IC
  • 12 Big Ones IC
  • 12 Abe Vigodas IC
  • 6 Supermans’ Yellow Sun IC
  • 6 Supermans’ Red Sun IC
  • 12 Johnny Drama’s on the curb
  • 12 Mike Tyson’s Merkins
  • We would get into groups of 3 and do 20 Maverick Merkins and then 2 sets of Andre Agassis.  Rinse and repeat until each Pax did his Maverick Merkins.  We had a perfect.  Yeah!

This concludes Warm A Rama. We jogged back to the track.

5:44 am Pre Thang – ABC’s

One guy at the Top – Al Gore until pushed.

One guy at the bottom – Bernie Sanders up and push guy at the top to the bottom.

One guy at the bottom doing Chloes until pushed.   

5:50 am The Thang – More People

We would do another three man grinder. 

Station 1 – Push Group

– Run a lap and push back to 2

Station 2 

– 25 Chuck Norris Merkins

– 25 Peter Parkers IC

– 25 Bobby Hurley’s on up

– 25 Freddie Mercury’s IC

– 25 Floyd Mayweather IC (Plank Punch)

– 10 Sweet Roll Burpees (Burpee down and roll left and roll right)

– Rinse and Repeat OYOBNA

Station 3

  • 25 Nolan Ryan Merkins (Merkin Punch)
  • 25 Bonnies Blairs IC 
  • 25 Steve Wojohowskis (Wojo’s) on down
  • 25 Frozen Freddies IC 
  • 25 Apollo Ohnos IC
  • 10 Diamond David Lee Roth Burpees (Diamond Push Up and Scissor kick legs on jump)
  • Rinse and Repeat OYOBNA 

We would do this to get through at least each station twice to complete most every workout at least once….and Mostly because Sweet Roll complained that he had not done the Sweet Roll Burpees yet.  Fair point, let’s push, one more set! 

6:05 am 6MOM

  • Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire.  Each Pax Plank, while one Pax does a loop of Farva Beans.  We would pass this Rancid style around the 
  • Marge and Homer – I did a bunch of these and wasn’t really counting.

**This was a fun workout to plan, and brainstorm with my brothers.  Even more fun to execute.  Get creative!  Break the mold!

6:09 am The Name-a-rama was completed  – see above for list of those who posted.   Mr. Hanky had to scoot out a little early 


  • Free to Bleed – 4/21
  • 5 year F3 Omaha Convergence, 4/22 **activities and opportunities all week

Prayer Requests:  

  • Zach Fochek, and Jason, Becky and Eden
  • KOA and his nephew Gabe


I have been in F3 a little over two years.  I have invest a ton of energy in workouts, posting, relationships etc….I was on the Q around 45 times in 2022.  I have invested a lot and made a lot of “Deposits” in my F3 ATM.  After the first year or so, my Dad passed away and the Pax were very supportive and I had to make a “Withdraw” out of the F3 ATM.

Over the next year I was a site Q, traveled around the country for F3, I got FNGs in Atlanta, Louisville, KY, Oklahoma City and Phoenix.  I encouraged a number of new Pax to step up and do their VQ and met some great men.  Then Delilah took his own life and I had to make another “Withdrawa” from my F3 ATM and the Pax were super supportive with thoughts and prayers and helping the funeral.  May of my F3 friends sent notes and cards and showed up to the wake and funeral, which was very moving.

The F3 ATM truly works, but only if you invest early and often with lots of “Deposits”

I threw the prayer to Doublg Dip, which he was not Hap Hap Happy About that.

Aye! Swiper!

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