Weather: 60 glorious degrees

20 Pax: Swinger, Squidward, Squidward Jr.?, Vanilla Ice, Dirty Bird, Predator, Snowman, Sandy Cheeks, Pig Pen, Bookworm, Hat Trick (Respect!), Wentworth, Woody (Respect!), Hipster (Respect!), Bunsen (Respect!), Bloodshot, Doll Face (Respect!), Caruso (Respect!), Betamax, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The mission statement, the 5 core principles, the moto, and the disclaimer were all shared. Play was pushed on the Awesome Mix of Rock, and Folsom lead the PAX to the giant Weiner where they circled up for Warm O’Rama.

Warm O’ Rama approx. 10 minutes

Mosey over to the infield and circle up.

Michael Phelps x how many times it took to feel good

Tappy Taps x 10 IC

Goof Balls x 20 IC

Cherry Pickers x 20 IC

Walk Out Merkins to 5 (From a standing position, bend to toe touch, walk hands out to high plank, perform Merkins for number of rep you’re on, i.e. 3rd rep, do 3 Merkins, walk hands back, stand up straight.)

Mosey to the playground, pick up our weights and brisk walk to the hill behind the stage.

The Pre-Thang: Curls and High Cardio 7 minutes

The PAX partnered up. While one partner sprinted up the hill and back, the other did curls. Folsom loves the curls!

The Thang: Toes to Fingers. 17 minutes

Folsom had the PAX assemble aerobics class style on the stage as an homage to the old days when he was site Q and most of the workouts were small enough in PAX to be up there in a circle. We got through the below list 2.25 times before Omaha was called. First round we did 20 of everything. Subsequent Rounds we did 15.

Dead Lifts

Goblet Squats

Bent Over Rows

Up right Rows

Arnold Press

Overhead Triceps Extensions

Big Boy Sit Ups

Mary: Folsom had the PAX carry their weights back to the playground, rather than farmer carry, we did curls along the way. Of course, all ab exercises were done with weights.

Flutter Kicks ICx20

World War I Sit Ups x20

LBC’s slowly ICx20

American Hammers ICx20

COT: I learned two valuable lessons last night. Perfect timing for today’s Q! First, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Second, no matter how strong you think you are, you can’t go it alone. I’ve had a weight on my shoulders for a long time now. I’ve been afraid to address it because of the bad answers and other problems I may get. But ignoring it isn’t going to work forever. I needed help to get this burden moving in the right direction and support for whatever fallout comes from pushing it off. I broke down and I asked my M for help. She was a fantastic help. She was supportive and helpful and got me moving in the right direction. I couldn’t have done it alone. My burden isn’t gone yet, but I feel much better knowing I’m moving it with the help of my M.

Aye- Folsom

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