Beverly Hills : 04/12/2023 – Uphill everyday

Temp: 59 degrees 65% humidity

PAX: (14)  Rancid, Joe Buck, Beeps, Side Dish, Sweet Sweet, Good Lookin, Sparty, E-85, Low Five, U-Haul, Polaroid, No Cry, Stranglehold, Low Flow

Q: Low Flow


10 – S.S. Hops

10 – Cherry Pickers

10 – Sun Gods F / 10 – in reverse

10 – Big Ones

10 – Tappy Taps

10 – S.S. Hops 

The Thang: We boke out into two teams and team one would run park dr. hill and preform 10 burpee’s at the top while team two preformed the following: 

20 – Merkins

20 – LBC’s (IC)

20 – Ranger Merkins

20 – Big Boys

20 – Werkins

20 – Flutter Kicks (IC)

20 – Diamond Merkins

20 – Alt. Heel Touches (IC)

20 – Alt. Shoulder Taps (IC)

20 – Heels to Heaven (IC)

5 – Navy Seal Burpee’s

Upon team one’s return team’s would switch until Omaha was called at 6:10

Announcements: Big day April 22nd for the 5 year anny. of F3 Omaha. @nd F thangs happening all week!

Prayers were held in our hearts today


Everyday we wake up and start our uphill climb towards the end of the day. How do you feel when you get to the top? Are you tired? Are you happy with how the day went? Did you give maximum effort while making the climb? Did you encourage others on their climb? Recently I’ve tried to make a more concious effort to make sure I am putting the most into each day physically, mentally and being there for my family. I’m trying to put more into my workouts while also trying to be more encouraging to other PAX.  I’m tring to put more into each workday and life at home being present for my wife and 2.0’s. I’ve been getting to bed each night feeling absolutely smoked but with a smile on my face knowing that uphill climb of a day I gave a maximum effort in every aspect of it!

Aye, Low Flow

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Beverly Hills

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