11/13/18, Stinson Park AO  Cornhusker Handicap

PAX:  Tonight Show, Tater Tot, 40Grit, No Doze, Wilbur (Respect), Bubba Gump (Respect), Biggie Smalls, Ponzi, Brazilian, Bubbles, Big One, Waffle House (Respect), The Plague

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 13 PAX to a chilly gloom at the Cornhusker Handicap. The Plague reminded PAX that he is still not a professional, despite this being his second Q. 


The PAX did a long mosey around the track and finally arrived on the stage for Warm-A-Rama. Lots of silliness and chatter making our way to the stage.

 Imperial Walkers 15 IC 
 Hillbillies 15 IC
 Arm Circles 10 IC (both directions)
 SSH 20 IC
 Pickle Pushers 15 IC 
 Snuffy IC 12

Mosey to the THANG

PAX counted off into groups of four and moseyed to nearby parking garage to begin Plague’s Plumb Line Pyramid.


With the PAX split into three groups of 4ish, they started on their respective floor. Floor one was to serve as the timer and once they finished would go to third floor, third floor would go to second floor and second floor down to first floor. Each floor had a separate list of exercises performed in pyramid fashion

Some slight confusion when rotating and lots of chatter questioning The Plague’s “good intentions” on the design of these pyramids. Omaha was called about 2/3 through and PAX moseyed back to playground for MOM

6 MOM:

 Gas Pumps 20 IC
 James Bond – Tonight Show lead the PAX 
 Low Dollies – Waffle House lead the PAX on his “OPEN”
 American Hammers – per Bubba Gump’s request, rotated through PAX with 7 IC and 7 count rest

Circle of Trust:

 Plague used the Plumb Line analogy to discuss the need for men to get right.
o Plumb Line: A plumb line is a tool used in the construction industry to ensure walls are perfectly straight. This tool applies the laws of gravity to create an exact vertical line, it doesn’t change or move, it remains true. As men, we need a well-defined plumb line. No matter what we believe in or who our Higher Power is, we must have something providing guidance and keeping us aligned with a true north.
 The Plague read from the Q Source reminding PAX the importance of making the daily choice to Get Right  F3 Q Source Q1 – Get Right
o A man must Get Right before he can do anything else
 To understand the Get Right, picture a man vigorously rowing a boat across a fast moving stream. If it suddenly capsizes so that the keel is skyward, the man would have to right it—return it to its upright position—before he could continue rowing. Until he did that he could not make headway against the current and get his boat to the far bank. At best, he would be simply trying to survive, clinging to his capsized boat as it was pushed by the current to points unknown downstream.
 Now apply this image to the life of a man. If he has become (or always was) un-Right, he cannot make headway in any aspect of his life. The fast moving current of his surrounding circumstances will sweep him yon while he clings desperately to the hull of his overturned boat. Worse, his Concentrica —the passengers that he is charged to bring safely to the far bank—will be right there in the water with him, helpless because their husband, father and boss can do little more than focus on his own survival. Before he can help them, or himself, he has toRight his boat.
o Tonight Show closed the morning with a delightful prayer.
o Coffeteria will be held at Starbucks following the beatdown. Meet there for fellowship and pontification
The Plague

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