11/15/2018, MAIZE AO

PAX:  Wait-Time, Ethanol, Roll-Bar, Waffle House, Tater Tot, Borland, Dufresne, Tonight Show, and Hard Hat

VQ: Hard Hat

The weather was a brisk 26 degrees with a chilly breeze. Hard Hat welcomed 7 PAX to the mid-November heat wave, that wasn’t actually going to arrive until around 1pm. Following the statement of the F3 mission and the fact that Hard Hat is not a professional and colder weather may increase risk of injury, the PAX began a long mosey to mid field as two more PAX came in hot to join the group. 

Mid-field Warm-a-rama

SSH 20 IC  à String Rippers/Tappy Taps 16 IC à Don Quixotes/Windmill 16 IC


An explanation the Dirty MacDeuce was provided along with the warning of some possibly newer exercises to this AO.  

PAX took a lap around the field, with the boundary lines clearly not visible, and the frozen tundra riddled with ankle breaking ruts. 

Set 1: Carolina Dry Docks 12 IC à Copperhead Squats 12 IC à WWI Situps x12 à lap around the field

Set 2: Wide Merkins 12 IC à Monkey Humpers 12 IC àBBS x12 à lap around the field

Set 3: Diamond Merkins 12 IC à Lt. Dans 12 IC (Wait Time lead this because Hard Hat admitted to stugglingwith cadence on this; turns out the trick is to not go too fast) à LBCs 12 IC à at this point, the PAX were dominating this workout and on pace to finish much sooner than anticipated, so an audible was called. Run a ¾ lap, then bear crawl from goal post to goal post. Though there was plenty of midwife noises and at one point a PAX suggested an “Omaha” call, the PAX powered through and finished strong. A 10 count was called, and then another lap was called. 

Set 4: Bruces (Standard Merkin with legs crossed, alternating legs with each rep) 12 IC à Bolt 45 (15 ½ squats from high point to midway, 15 ½ squats from midway to low point, 15 full squats) à T-bombs 12 IC (Ethanol lead this because he performed a great demonstration) à lap around the field

The PAX then moseyed back to the shovel flag. 

6 MOM:

Plank Jacks 12 IC, Sweat Angels 20 IC (led by Roll-Bar), LBCs 20 IC (led by Waffle House), Flutter Kicks 35 IC (led by Dufresne), American Hammer 20 IC (led by Ethanol) 

Circle of Trust:

 Announcements: Though everyone has things that make it easy to get into a rut, find the motivation to power through and work to better yourself. Keep those on the IR in your thoughts and prayers


Hard Hat

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