Let’s face it, most of us have made a New Year’s Resolution like, “I’m going to get back in shape,” or “I’m going to do more for my community,” or “I’m going to stay in better touch with my friends,” or “I’m going to save money.”

How many of us kept those resolutions?  Be honest.  Let me help you: not many of us.  Probably more like none of us.

If you’ve failed in the past, raise your hand.  It’s cool.  No judgment at F3.  And don’t worry if you’re getting weird looks for raising your hand.  Keep it up.  Seriously, keep your hand up.  It’ll be important at the end.

img_8025.jpgWhat if we told you that we had a completely FREE fitness/leadership group focused on planting, serving and growing male community leadership?  That’s right, completely free.  No catch.  Saving you money already.  You get a workout for free that will kick your a$$.  No gym.  No gym bag.  No silly code to punch in or key fob.  No new gear, or contraptions.  Workouts outdoors, in the elements, on the ground, you versus you led by your peers.  Rocky IV yolking a log style workouts.  And, then eventually you get to lead the workouts and hone your leadership skills.  You learn how to run a workout, but more importantly how to lead a strong group of men through a strenuous event.  So you get a free workout and leadership training.  Hand still up?

What if we told you that you will meet, or reconnect with, friends?  And these aren’t friends that you hang out with because your kids are on the same volleyball team.  Don’t get me wrong, those are good dudes, but we’re talking real friends.  Friends who will support you when you’re down; cheer for you when you’re up; smack you on the side of the head when you’re too up; friends who don’t care what you do, what you drive, where you went to school; friends who you can call to help you when you need it; friends who laugh at you and with you, but mostly at you; friends like you’ve had at one point, but maybe lost touch with.


What if we told you that you could do more for your community because these new friends will give all kinds of chances through pure will, spirit and drive?  In the last 8 months, F3Omaha has raised thousands of dollars for those in need in the community, donated truckloads of supplies to non-profits, and supported numerous community needs with their time and involvement.  Most of it happens because one person says let’s do this.  You can jump on that train any time.  No strings.  And don’t be put off by the “Faith” in F3.  It’s not about a particular religion or denomination.  It’s faith in your fellow man, in a power bigger than yourself.  It’s your faith.  Remember what we said: no one cares what you do.  What we care about is that you’re doing something right and well.  Think of it as faith that we can make a difference.  And if you’re wondering, we are.


img_8047.jpgDoes all of this sound good?  You want in, don’t you?  Raise your hand if you want in.  Oh, look, it’s already up!

Start now.  Sure it’s a little chilly.  Grab an extra shirt.  Be a man.


Find us here:  Workout Schedules and Areas of Operation .

Want to know more?  Go to www.f3omaha.com and www.f3nation.com  There you’ll learn more about the purpose and mission of F3.  You’ll learn why over 140 men in Omaha and thousands across the country have made the Resolution we’re asking YOU to make (yea, you with your hand up; getting sore isn’t it?).

Big difference being these High Impact Men of F3 have kept their Resolution and keep it every day.  

See you in the gloom.

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