IRONPAX Backblast: Waterboarding Edition

September 19, 2019 | Aldrich AO | IronPAX Week 3 | Weather: 67 degrees, thunderstorms and raining sideways.PAX: Tater Tot, Tonight Show, Pablo, TC, Firewalker, Lemon Law, and Wait Time.QIC: Wait TimePax met at Aldrich Elementary, home of Red Wing, and forecasted an end to the Thunderstorm. Like many meteorologists, that forecast was entirely wrong. … Continue reading IRONPAX Backblast: Waterboarding Edition

The Oracle Backblast: Jack Squat

Saturday, September 7,, 2019//AO: The Oracle// 64Degrees 30Pax Reba, Lowman, Thunderhead, Mufasa, Wait Time, Wide Right,Big One, Tater Tot,Room Service, Sasquatch, Coach K, Vandelay, Cyclone, Borland, Blue Suede, Chiclets, Lucille, Sweet Tooth, Armbar, Rollbar, Othello, Thor, Honey Badger, Ponzi, No Doze, Honey Stinger, Selleck, Khakis,Placebo Q: Khakis/Placebo It was a beautiful game day Saturday morning.  65 degrees with the sun on the … Continue reading The Oracle Backblast: Jack Squat

HEY YOU! Need a New Year’s Resolution? How about you come to @F3Omaha and #GetBetter #MoreThanaWorkout

Let’s face it, most of us have made a New Year’s Resolution like, “I’m going to get back in shape,” or “I’m going to do more for my community,” or “I’m going to stay in better touch with my friends,” or “I’m going to save money.” How many of us kept those resolutions?  Be honest.  … Continue reading HEY YOU! Need a New Year’s Resolution? How about you come to @F3Omaha and #GetBetter #MoreThanaWorkout