Saturday, September 7,, 2019//AO: The Oracle// 64Degrees


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Q: Khakis/Placebo

It was a beautiful game day Saturday morning.  65 degrees with the sun on the rise.  The Pax joined Placebo and Khakis for Jack Squat and 4 minutes of hell.  Khakis greeted everyone with the 5 core principles with a little help from Ponzi.  Placebo gave the disclaimer and the Pax moseyed to the football field.

The Warm-A-Rama (after Biggie Smalls and Placebo ran 3 miles!!)

  • SSH X 25IC
  • Cherry Pickers x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Nightclubs X 20 IC
  • Wide SquatX 15
  • Merkin/flutter kick X 10/15 decreasing Merkins to 5 

The Thang: Jack Squat

Pax broke into groups of 3 for a 3 man grinder.  1 man in each end zone while partner 3 ran the length of the field

AMRAP exercises X 2 (each endzone)

  • SSH 
  • Squats
  • Plank Jacks
  • Hydraulic Squats
  • Smurf Jacks
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Seal Jacks
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Burpee Jacks
  • Sumo Squats

Once each group made it through all 10 sets the Pax moseyed back to the flags for the finishing touches of the workout

4 Minutes of Burpees

  • The Pax favorite part of the workout by far. 


  • American Hammers X 52  (Waffle House!!)


  • 2 Club Challenge at Milts:  Let Ponzi ASAP
  • September 20th: Vala Event: Let Wait Time know if you need tix
  • September 21st: 2.0 Workout….bring your kids
  • Nebraska Marathon: F3Omaha will send out information tomorrow about this fund-raising opportunity for the Pediatric Cancer Action Network. Lawman and his wife, Kelly, are fund-raising in honor of their daughter, Colette.

COT: Suffering Leads to Gratitude

Khakis spoke about the Iron Pax challenge and how proud he was of the group.  Times and scores may be posted but the ultimate challenge will always be you vs. you.  Blood Shot’s fierce competitiveness on Tuesday to finish and get better was inspiration to the entire PAX.

Placebo added….don’t underestimate how important you are to the PAX. We all come to workouts to better ourselves personally but each of us also provides inspiration to others in the PAX.  Don’t forget how much your presence can impact those around you.  

Khakis led the PAX out in a moment of silence.  

  • Prayers for Waffle House
  • Heal that hamstring quickly Mufasa

Aye: Thank you all for joining the beatdown this morning!

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