October 30, 2018 | AO: Cornhusker Handicap | Stinson Park | Temperature: 49, Clear

PAX: Hootenanny, Tater Tot, Walk On, Folsom, Ponzi, Lowman, No Doze, Pablo, The Plague, Waffle House, The Big One, 40 Grit, Tonight Show, Brazilian, Daniel San, Picabo, Roll Bar, Biggie Smalls, Wait Time.

QIC: Wait Time

19 PAX posted for the Cornhusker Handicap, which tied an AO record for second straight week.  T-Claps to the PAX who wore the costumes in the gloom: No Doze (Captain America), The Plague (Mullett Power!), The Big One (Peace!) Brazilian (Not a sad clown), Daniel San (Spartan Spirit!), Roll Bar (Dawn of the Dead), and Wait Time (Nacho Libre).

After Wait Time shared the F3 mission statement and disclaimer, the PAX paraded to the tower at Stinson Park for Warmarama.


SSH x 20 IC | Cherry Pickers x 20 IC | Sun Gods x 15 IC | Chinooks x 15 IC | String Rippers x 12 IC

Mosey to the stage and PAX did 5 burpees (OYO).


The PAX split into five groups and moved through five pain stations:

(1) Who Ya Gonna Call? Gutbusters!  All exercises in cadence (25 reps):

Reverse Crunch | Gas Pumps | Pickle Pushers | Freddie Mercury

After finishing exercises, partner “Carrie” to the next pain station.

(2) Dawn of the Deadlifts  All exercises used cinder block coupons (25 reps):

Dead Lifts | Curls| Skull Crushers | Cusack Squat

After finishing exercises, partner “Casket Jumps” to the next pain station. (Chilcutt plank while each partner hurdles you).

(3) Hells (Kettle) Bells  All exercises used various kettle bells (30 reps):

Kettle Bell Swings | Upright Rows| Tricep Extension | Table Press

After finishing exercises, zombie walk (lunge) to the next pain station.

(4) Monster Merkin Mash  All exercises (20 reps):

Diamond Merkin| Merkin| Werkin | Carolina Dry Docks

After finishing exercises, partner wheelbarrow to the next pain station.

(5) Saw My Legs Off  All exercises (30 reps):

Johnny Drama | Monkey Humpers| Smurf Jacks | Air Squats

After finishing exercises, “Spider Crawls ” (Bear Crawl) to the next pain station.

The PAX completed four of the five stations before Wait Time called “Omaha!” for six minutes of Mary.


ABCs | Heel Touches x 15 IC | Cindy Crawfords x 12 IC | Dying Cockroaches x 15 IC | American Hammer (led by Daniel San) x 20 IC

Announcements and Circle of Trust:

The Maize: Waffle House shared details about his VQ at F3Denver and encouraged the PAX to attend his first Q for F3Omaha at the Maize on Thursday.  Waffle House asked everyone to clown car to West Omaha for a Halloween Hangover edition of the Maize.

Prayers: Wait Time asked that the PAX pray for Lemon Law who ruptured his calf muscle last week, and all the PAX who are currently on the DL (TC and Ethanol).  No Doze asked that we pray for Pittsburgh and the synagogue that was at the center of the shooting tragedy.

Overcoming Mediocrity: Wait Time shared a social media post from David Goggins, author of “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.”

If you are always comparing yourself to mediocre people, that’s exactly what you will be!  A lot of people think that they are at the top of their game because they are the best amongst a group of people who don’t even give a f#@$.  Mediocrity feels so f-ing good!  If you wake up and don’t want to workout, all you have to say is “F-it, I don’t give a shit!”  And if you’re mediocre, you are probably hanging around other mediocre people, so they are happy that you don’t add pressure to their life!  One big happy soft family!!!  People don’t like hanging around that mother-$@% who makes them feel uncomfortable or like an underachiever on a regular basis!  We stay away from the f&$%ing savage who wakes up at 330 regardless the weather, if they got a good night’s sleep, if their life sucks and times are hard.  People stay clear of that cat!  Those kind of people make you question yourself.  They also let you know where your life ends and their life begins!

Don’t hang around with people who say “it’s okay you deserve a day off.”  Hang around people who make you uncomfortable because they are on a quest to find more.  Comfort is a drug, it becomes f#$%ing addictive.

Wait Time encouraged the PAX to consider this quote every time we consider fartsacking for a workout, or lowering to mediocrity.  We can’t judge sad clowns for this behavior, we must encourage them but avoid capitulating to the sad clown standard.  This will be more challenging in the coming months with our Omaha weather.  Continue to encourage Sad Clowns to rise above the mediocrity and do so with compassion and respect.

Wait Time closed out with a prayer –

Grace & Peace, (and lots of Halloween candy!)

Wait Time

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