The Horse Track AO. Stinkson Park. 11/1/2018.

PAX: Cyclone (respect!), Folsom, Wait Time

Q: Ponzi

Weather: 57 degrees

F3 Disclaimer was given then we moseyed to Center Stage for the Warm-A-Rama. Yours truly forgot this is typically a weights-based workout. So we improvised and added weights when possible.

The Merkin Warm-A-Rama:

SSH x20 IC

5 merkins IC

Imperial Squat Walker x15 IC

5 Merkins IC

Abe Vigoda aka Old Man Style Windmill x10 IC

5 Merkins IC

Sun Gods – sobriety style x10 IC

Reverse Sun Gods – sobriety style

5 Merkins IC

String Rippers aka Tappy Taps (Old Man Style) x10 IC

5 merkins IC


Alternating Jump Lunges + 1 Jump Squat x 10 sets

Mountain Climbers x3 IC + 1 Jump Squat x 5 sets

The Thang: 

Partner up! Partner 1 will be do first exercise listed until Partner 2 finishes the designated number of reps for their exercise. They’ll immediately swap exercises. Then run to the bench and back after completing each round.

  1. Wall Squat & Monkey Humpers x20, swap places with partner, run when round complete. Continued this pattern after each round.
  2. Plank & Werkins x15
  3. Air Chair w/ Shoulder Press & Burpees x10
  4. Air Chair w/ Cherry Pickers & Carolina Dry Docks or Shoulder Press w/ weights x20
  5. Plank Jacks & Sumo Squats with weights x20
  6. Elevated Plank or Chill-cut Plank & Merkins x15
  7. Step-ups or Jump-ups & Alternating Lunges with weights x20
  8. Derkins & Wall Squat with Bicep Curls x20

Final Round = One Full Lap Around


Heel Taps x12 IC

Gas Pumps (w/ weights…WAY HARDER!) x15 IC

Van Gohda x10 IC

American Hammer w/ weights….this was an awful idea. x15 IC



  • Announcements:


      • Folsom on the Q at The Woodshed tomorrow
      • Check your emails for the upcoming F3 Fellowship opportunity at the Creighton B-ball game thanks to Tater Tot!
      • Don’t forget the 3rd Thursday of the month at The Horse Track is Thirsty Thursday!



  • Ponzi ended with a prayer for the Millard West family that recently lost their son as well as our F3 brethren out with injuries and illness.
  • All 4 PAX headed to Pauli’s afterward and we even had a surprise drop in from Bluegrass! Definitely a good time!





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