Halloween Hangover- 54° & no wind- PAX of 6 @Maizef3 – Dufresne  Stretch @joe_ethanol @ChadBrough @f3Rollbar @DougWhi66079059
Mosey to BBall court, 2 laps-
SSH x20 IC | Windmills x15 IC | Cotton pickers x15 IC | Failure to launch x? | Sun gods x15 F-R IC
1. Sorting my sweets: Dead man carry or wheel barrow partners across court, cycle through exercises.
1-Bear crawl
2-Crab walk
3-Cherry pickers
4-2 laps & run to bridge
2. Candy wrapper crunch: The high intensity of this routine was dominated by the fact that Waffle House spent the majority of his planning time video chatting with family (note to self “one is none”), needless to say the Gloom was “bringing it at the bridge!”
Shoulder Taps, Squat Jumps, Peter Parkers, Merkins, Burpees x…?
Run to flags
3. I wish wouldn’t have: Based on the fact the Waffle House lied about his age at every workout, pound it into his head that he is 51 not 52 by completing 51 of each of the following: TC Hops x51 R-L | Air squats x51| 10 count | Monkey humpers x51
| Flutter kicks x20 IC | Box cutters x15IC | Denver cockroaches x5 IC | American hammer x20
Tator Tot VQ Saturday #TheOracle
Pray for all those on disabled list including: Lemon Law @cbcunningham10 TC @sicnarf Ethanol & Placebo @nweedin (who is ill and could possibly be passing something contagious back and forth to @joe_ethanol since the previous century)
 Did Mr. Rogers grind it in the Gloom with Merkin mashups? The world may never know, but @F3Omaha knows that we have all three: the gloom, merkins, and Mr. Rogers to help us continue to grow and serve.
Waffle House
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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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