Weather: Clear skies, 276 degrees Kelvin, light mist, winds from the west at 4 MPH. Dark.

Pax (27): Waterboy, DaFridge, Boji, Bogey, Q-Tip (Respect x 2), Mufasa, Chowder, LPC, Macadoodle (Respect), slow Clap, Doppler, Wait Time, Honey Stinger, Redacted, DOA, Home Alone, Smelly Cat, Kill Switch, Finger Paint, Speciman, Rebate (FNG), T Swift, Motor Boat, Schnitzel, Musk (FNG) , Superfly, and YHC Al Borland


YHC provided the Pax with the mission statement, credo, 5 core principles and disclaimer. We welcomed two FNG’s Austin and Brandon


A light mosey to west of the school where we circled up and performed some calisthenics and light stretching- not going to lie, I was sore from my Q the day before:

7- Big ones

15-Tater (tot) taps

15-Imperial Walkers

15- SSH

Cherry Pickers and Sun Gods

The Pax then proceeded with an orderly mosey to south exterior wall of the school building where we proceeded to perform the People’s Chair and B2W. Rather than a traditional count the position on the wall was maintained until all the pax told the person on their left the name of the person to their right (kind of like telephone).

The Thang

A Tabata style workout. You-v-you. 45s on and 15 seconds off. 6 rounds of 3 exercises


American Hammers- Rancid Style


Somehow I managed to Q two sites on back to back days. That left me with 2-planned Q’s and 1- planned CoT. Went with it anyway…

I shared my family’s experience with my son’s (Meatball) brain tumor last year. Shared the absolute positive impact F3 had on my son’s outcome and his treatment path. Shared how the smallest gestures, words of advice and fellowship can have on someone’s life. A lot of times we think of grand gestures and extraordinary efforts to make a difference but I can tell you from first hand experience that the small things can have a huge impact in ways you might not have ever imagined.

Sorry to LPC, Slow Clap, KS and the others that heard that for the second time in two days

LPC took us out in prayer


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