img_8979December 20, 2018 | The MAIZE AO | Copper Field | 34 degrees and breezy

PAX: Hard Hat, Borland, Khakis, Selleck, Brazilian, The Plague, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes,  Bubbles, Daniel San, and Wait Time.

Co-Qs: Daniel San and Wait Time

Daniel San welcomed the PAX to the Reindeer Games, and let them know this beatdown would go down in history (but no one shouted with glee).  He explained that he and Wait Time intended to make spirits bright during the mother of all beatdowns, “FUDGE!.”  Upon providing the F3 mission statement and the disclaimer, the PAX moseyed to the basketball court, without the one-horse open sleigh but laughing all the way, for the Warm-A-Rama.


Wait Time led the Warm-A-Rama by getting Santa’s team of reindeer warmed up for the THANG.

Elf Jacks (cousin to Smurf Jacks | Reindeer Kicks | (Mistle) Toe Touches | Little Baby (Jesus) Crunches| Mountain Climbers

The PAX moseyed to the other side of the AO for the THANG.

THE THANG: 12 Days of Christmas Ladder

Daniel San explained the 12 Days of Christmas Ladder.  PAX would run the hill with a Merkin/Burpee Ladder.  Each repetition would equal 12.  Nearly all the PAX finished the burpee/merkin ladder.  By end of the ladder, the PAX completed 78 burpees and 78 Merkins.

THE THANG 2: Reindeer Games

The PAX circled up for “Duck-Duck-Goose” bear crawl style (shout out to Ponsi).  Daniel San started the game.  Hard Hat, Khakis, Brazilian, Plague, Wait Time and Crab Cakes each took around.  PAX circled up in a Plank position and if tagged, had to bear crawl around the circle.

Wait Time, Hard Hat and Khakis got tagged out in the bear crawls so they were allowed to continue playing the reindeer games in FREEZE TAG.  They were “it,” and after a brief amount of time, the three made history by freeze tagging all the PAX (who had to hold Al Gore when frozen).


PAX moseyed to the shovel flag and Wait Time began reviewing his list and checking it twice.  He started 6MOM with a tribute to Santa with Big Boy Sit-ups (20).  At that point, he asked Brazilian what core exercise he wanted for Christmas.  Brazilian chose Rosalitas (15) (with an “Open” shout out to Waffle House).  Wait Time asked Selleck what core exercise he wanted for Christmas.  Selleck chose Box Cutters (15) because he expected that he would be opening a lot of boxes that are under his Christmas tree.  Wait Time ended 6MOM by asking Hard Hat to lead the PAX in Santa’s Workshop Wooden Hammer (25) as he believed Hard Hat was the most qualified PAX to build anything in Santa’s sweatshop.


Daniel San led the announcements and Circle of Trust.  Selleck asked the PAX to keep GAGA in their prayers.  GAGA is battling gout and is currently wearing a boot on his foot.  With no other announcements, Daniel San asked Tonight Show to lead out a prayer.


Daniel San and Wait Time

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