6/2/2023, 5:15am | The Farm | Springfield, NE | 60 degrees + 60% humidity

# of PAX: 35

Q: Nae Nae

4:45AM Pre-Run and Pre-Ruck

PAX: Fifteen? Or so Pax. Check Strava to find out who.

5:15am Beatdown

Tater Tot, Ferdinand, Hu Hot, Styx, Cobra Kai (FNG), Knobs, EA, Dozer, Razzle Dazzle, Busser, Tony the Tiger, Echo, Skidz, Schrute, G-String, Ditty, Swiper, Duracell, Double Dip, Eh, Pit Stop, Tenacious D, Farva, Fun Dip, Truck Stop, Levy, Escobar, Q-Tip, Black Tuesday, Woodstock, Oscar, Sundance, Chernobyl, Beans, and Nae Nae

                Nae Nae welcomed the Pax promptly at 515am.

                Nae Nae opened to cover the 5 core principles of F3 as well as the credo.

  1. Open to all men
  2. Always Free
  3. Always outside
  4. Led in a rotating fashion
  5. Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT)

Nae Nae led the Pax in a few stretches:

  1. Cherry Pickers
  2. Side Straddle Hops
  3. Big Ones
  4. Monkey Humpers

Nae Nae had the Pax number every other 1 and 2. There were two stations. The 2s started with the coupons. The 1s ran up over the East side of the lot to do exercises.

The Thang had 2 stations. Each group completed the exercises and then moseyed over to the next station. Halfway around the square, there was a cone. The Pax were asked to do 3 broad jumps and 3 burpees before continuing.

Station 1

  1. Air Squats – 25
  2. Jump Squats – 25
  3. Bonnie Blairs – 25
  4. Apollo Ohnos – 25

Station 2 — Coupon Station

  1. Blockees – 15
  2. Thrusters – 15
  3. Murder Bunnies — Out and back 35 feet

The Pax were able to get through each station twice. They then went to the bottom of the hill on main street.

Next Thang

  1. Merkins – 10
  2. Sprint up the hill
  3. Imperial Storm Walkers – 10
  4. Repeat

The Pax were able to move get through this twice. We met at the flags for some ab exercises and then Sarpy Slammers.

Nae Nae called Omaha and the Pax did Name-O-Rama. Only one FNG, Wyatt (later to be called Cobra Kai). This was approved by Tater Tot. Went over announcements and prayer requests. Nae Nae went over his COT which focused on his journey to get to F3 and some of his memories so far. The Pax circled in for a prayer led by Nae Nae and then closed it out on time.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

We had several prayer requests for coworkers, fellow Pax to recover, safe travel, and a Pax’s child to recover.

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