July 28, 2023, 5:15am | The Farm | Springfield, NE | 76 degrees + 70% humidity (Sticky or Moist)

#of PAX 16

Q: Nae Nae

4:30 Pre-Murph: Schrute, Woodstock, Ay, Nae Nae, Cobra Kai, and Dundee
4:45 Pre-Run: 5-7 Tony the Tiger, Oscar, HuHot, Dundee, Flip It, Cobra Kai, Schrute, KOA, Razzle Dazzle, Ay, Kickstand, Truckstop, Trench, Busser, Nae Nae, and Mixer 

Nae Nae welcomed the Pax promptly at 515am and covered the 5 core principles of F3 and the credo.
1.                  Open to all men
2.                  Always Free
3.                  Always outside
4.                  Led in a rotating fashion
5.                  Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT) Warm up

  1. Michael Phelps
  2. Big Ones
  3. Tappy Taps

 Went for a mosey around the square. Nae Nae then set up the next exercise. The exercise was to last for 10 minutes. Each exercise was done for 1 minute and then moved to the next. Once the first set of flutter kicks was complete, we started over with burpees. This was OYO. Burpees, Arm Crushers, Air Squats, Merkins, and Flutter Kicks. Went for another mosey around the square. Mosey’d over to the bottom of the hill in main street and did some sprints. We ended up doing 3 in total. Then we mosey’d up the hill towards the park. Adjusted and ended up working out in the parking lot of a church. 5 Motivators. The Pax then mosey’d back down towards the main square. We waited at the top of the hill and did Imperial Walkers while we waited for the 6th. Burpees, EMOM style, for 5 minutes. The goal was 10 burpees each minute for a total of 50 burpees. 
We went to the field for a few core exercises.
15 Frozen Freddies
30 Heel Taps
Sarpy Slammers to close it out There were no FNGs.

It was Flip It’s first time at the Farm. 

  • Shoe drive. The last day and site is Monday, July 31, 2023, at Stormbreaker.
  • Blood drive. See KOA.
  • 2 club conundrum event, August 12, 2023, at 8am. See Mufasa.

 Prayer Requests:

  • None, so we prayed over the babies and baby makers and the Ms. Also prayed over the unspoken prayer requests.


  • Reminded the HIMs not to compare themselves to others. It’s good to measure, but not compare. It’s a sin. You don’t know how long it has taken someone else to get to where they are.

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