AO: BlockParty 

Date: 9/8/23

Q: Big Unit

Conditions: Beautiful morning 63 degrees

Pre-run: Big Unit with Kryptonite

PAX: 8 HIMs showed for the festivities (Fine Print, Lincoln Log, Kryptonite, Storm Chaser, Turtle, Vlasic, Obi Wan, and Big Unit)




Not a pro

Mosey coupons to 2nd base

Mosey to basketball court

Pre thang


1 merkin to 10 air squats 

All the way to 10 merkins to 1 air squat

Beat down 

Everyone lines up:

10 murder bunnies – 30 chest press

10 murder Bunnies – 20 chest press

10 murder bunnies – 10 chest Press

Abs – big boys w/ coupon – 20

10 murder bunnies – 30 curls

10 murder Bunnies – 20 curls

10 murder bunnies – 10 curls

Abs – LBC’s w/ coupon – 20

10 murder bunnies – 30 overhead press

10 murder Bunnies – 20 overhead press

10 murder bunnies – 10 overhead Press

Abs – rancid hammers w/ coupon – 20

10 murder bunnies – 30 bent over rows

10 murder Bunnies – 20 bent over rows

10 murder bunnies – 10 bent over rows


Back to the flags 


Scissor Kicks 15 IC

Frozen Freddy’s 15 IC


Prayers requests


Prayers for Kryptonite’s co-worker for the loss of his mother and the discovery of his father being diagnosed with cancer

Prayers for Fine Print stepson who got in a car accident and also prayers for healing

Block Party Shovel Flag Pass on 9/29

Events and beatdowns honoring Nugent toward end of month


My daughters are transitioning into young adults, and they’ve been struggling with gratitude and appreciation. I saw something and shared it with them. It was 4 questions to ask your children daily, and I applied it to the group of HIMS

1.  What was the best part of your day

2.  What about your day do you wish you could change? 

3.  When did you witness someone helping someone else? 

4.  What opportunities did you have to help someone?  

When we change our lens and look for opportunities to serve and recognize the good parts of the day, focus on correcting the bad parts and taking inventory of opportunities to serve and to see others serve, I believe our priorities will look a whole lot different. I left the group with a quote that my dad gave me that I use daily it goes “Today’s a Brand New Day. It’s never been used before, it’s full of opportunities. So make the most out of today’s opportunities”

Coffee at HyVee

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