AO:  The Berm – Stone Creek Park

Weather:  57° light wind – perfect morning

PAX (29):  House Party, Bernie, Mulligan, Vespa, Macanudo, Cataracts, FNG (Mr. Mom), Lansbury, Speed Bump, Sandworm, The Plague, Schnitzel, 308, TC, Amazin’, Janikowski, Cradle, Bouncer, Slow Clap, Al Borland, High Point, FNG (Uncle Rico), FNG (Low Point), Chucky, Pantyhose, LPC, Toto, Oh Boy, Stripes

QIC: Stripes

YHC arrived to the AO at 0433 for the 2nd best lake prerun in F3 Omaha along with Pantyhose, Chucky, Bouncer, Plague, and a late arriving House Party who ran a 6-minute first mile to catch up to us. We returned to the flags around 0508, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a pretty good number of PAX already gathering around the flags. YHC kicked things off at 0515 welcoming the PAX to F3, stated the three F’s, mission statement, five core principles, credo, disclaimer, and asked if there were any FNGs. There were three, ironically the same number at my first post a year ago at this same site. We then proceeded to the basketball court for the warm-o-rama and pre-thang. I told the PAX 13 would be a common theme of the morning as it is not only my lucky number, but also this was my 13th Q or co-Q slightly exceeding my goal of at least one Q per month in my first year.


13 SSH

13 sun gods (13 forward/13 reverse)

13 cherry pickers

13 tappy taps


13s – 11s but adding up to 13 with burpees and merkins running from baseline to endline in between. Prior to starting the Pre-thang, I shared a quote from the wise Master Oogway in the 2008 classic movie, Kung-fu Panda. “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why it is called, The Present,” which I would later tie into my COT.


Birdman wakeup mosey – YHC called out for Birdman knowing he was not in attendance and likely sound asleep in his fartsack. Several PAX yelled, “He’s not here,” to which YHC responded, “Well let’s go wake him up then!” After completing 91 burpees and 91 merkins throughout the 13s pre-thang, the PAX seemed less than enthused to mosey to Birdman’s house especially after I mentioned we’d be making a few stops along the way to do 13 reps of exercises. We stopped once on the way completing 13 hello dolly’s then mosey’d on. When we arrived at Birdman’s house, a handful of PAX went in his driveway while the rest of us assembled on the sidewalk and in the street in view of his doorbell camera. We proceeded to complete 13 reps of monkey humpers in cadence followed by 13 oh-yeahs. It was later discovered that Birdman didn’t hear a peep due to being in a nyquil-induced sleep coma; however, Mrs. Birdman was awakened and not pleased with our performance. We then mosey’d back to the flags making one stop to do 13 plank jacks. When we arrived back at the flags, we completed American hammers rancid style to conclude the beatdown followed by name-O and then named the FNGs.

Prayers:  Mulligan’s son Xavier on his continued road to recovery as he nears 40 days and Mulligan’s co-worker Don

Announcements:  Coronado shovel pass Monday, Bunz Town first pop-up Saturday 0600 at Bennington High School, Badger Pointe launch Tuesday 0530 at Bennington High School, 2nd F calendar now pinned weekly on F3 Omaha X page

COT – 1-year F3 Reflection

The Berm is the AO with the most sentimental meaning to me in my 1st year of F3. A year ago was my first post at The Berm after Chucky EH’d me the Labor Day weekend prior. Several weeks later I had my VQ at The Berm and now I was celebrating my 1-year there. My VQ was one of the highlights of my first year. I talked about the emotion that came along with it and how good I felt afterward. But what nobody, other than Chucky and Pantyhose, knew about that same day was about 4 hours after my VQ, I was unexpectedly laid off from my job. I explained how I went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in a matter of hours. I then talked about my F3 brother Farva’s tragic experience losing his best friend, Mark Kaipust and Mark’s son Taylor exactly two years ago earlier this week. I talked about how that was the lowest day of Farva’s life, but it ultimately led him to F3 where he’s had so many high moments including the three Mark and Taylor Kaipust Memorial Runs since their death and Farva’s site, Catamount Complex which is dedicated to Mark and Taylor. I talked about how life is full of ups and downs but what’s special about being in the gloom is being surrounded by men/brothers who are always there to pick you up. I circled back to my VQ COT where I said F3 had filled a void since I got out of the Marine Corps of having that brotherhood I’d been missing. After one year, that feeling has grown even stronger through the relationships I’ve made that I never would have without F3. Lastly, I talked about the value of living each day to the fullest because we never know when it could be our last and to remember, every day is a gift tying it all back to the quote I shared from Master Oogway.

The Plague closed us out in prayer.



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