The Maize: Ketchup 2-Year Anniversary & FP 39th B-Day

Date: January 5, 2023

AO: The Maize

PAX (42): Obi Wan, Tater Tot, Vandelay (Respect), High Hat, Tea Party, Long Neck, Jump Street, Bogey, Chowda, Gator (Chomp), Smelly Cat, Da Kine, Boji, Big Unit, Barbershop, 12 Gauge, Escobar, Bayside, Limu, Sasquashhh, Ice Box, Slow PItch, T-Ball, Mr. Miyagi, Wait TIme (Respect), Kickstand, Yodel, Dr. Thunder, Painkiller, Sparty, Butta (Spread it), Sweet Sweet, Da Fridge, Peg Leg, Khakis (Respect), Mufasa (Meow), Canadian Bacon (Respect Respect), Lincoln Log (Respect Respect), Steeple, Stormchaser, Ketchup, Fine Print 

QICs: Ketchup and Fine Print 

Conditions: Fine Print stopped paying for Strava so who knows… It was kinda cold but not that bad. 

Opening: Ketchup provided the 5 Core Principles and F3 Credo while having the PAX do 5 burpees in between. FP recited the Mission Statement and the Legal Disclaimer

WoR: Headed to the basketball court for Warm-o-Rama consisting of: 

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Tappy Taps

We then counted off into groups of 6 and moseyed to the hill next to S HWY Cleveland Boulevard for the Pre-Thang led by Ketchup. 2 PAX stayed at the bottom and did Merkins while 2 PAX Bernie Sanders’d up the hill while 2 PAX did Monkey Humpers at the top of the hill.

Elkhorn was called (This is Mufasa’s new thing…after Blades of Glory called Omaha 15 times the week prior, instead of calling Omaha to end the Pre-Thang, call Elkhorn)

The PAX headed back to the football field for the Thang. We stayed in our groups of 6. 2 PAX on each sideline and 2 PAX running sleds in between. The snow made it a lot easier than the last time we had the sleds out on dry grass. East sideline did a core exercise, West sideline did merkins exercise.

6 MOM: 

  • Ketchup: 6”
  • FP: Flutters
  • Rancid Hammers – Bayside F’d everyone up with his nonsense. 

Prayers and Announcements:

  • Retreat coming up – prayers for all attending PAX
  • PAX need to buy headlamps so cars can see you
  • Third F: Food Pantry – Check Slack
  • First F: Bogey VQ coming up
  • Prayers for Pitstop and Lindsey

Nugent Flag Pass: We had a double Nugent Flag Pass! Stormchaser passed it to T-Party who passed it to Obi Wan. 


  • FP Message: “What can you say no to so you can say yes to what matters?”
  • Ketchup Message: Find your Word…use that word as your guiding light!!
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The Maize

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