AO – Dragons Lair – Saturday 600 AM

Q – Ketchup

PAX – Ozark, Mufasa, Boji, Mr Myagi, Blades of Glory, Smores, Tonight Show, Big Unit, Obi Wan, Unicycle, Fine Print, Dr Thunder, Chowda, Gator

At 6:00 am prompt call to arms was issued. Ketchup ran through the following subjects of great importance. 

  • 5 Core Principles
  • Mission Statement and Disclaimer
  • Motto
  • Disclaimer

Q went on to explain that today we will be going on a trip down memory lane where we will re-live the QIC’s most memorable beatdowns and messages that he remembers from 2022.   DL is a huge site with a lot of options in a lot of areas and based on the magnitude of momentous occasions…there simply is not enough time to get everywhere and do everything.  As such…we are going to stay right here around the basketball court to recreate the magic that occurred this year starting with Warm-a-rama:

6:05 Warm-a-Rama

  • Cherry pickers – 10IC
  • Sun Gods – 10IC
  • Plea Squats – 10
  • Yodel Thrusts with eye contact – 10
  • Runners/Pigeon Stretch R Leg
  • Runners/Pigeon Stretch L Leg

6:10 BD 1 – Convoy/Bieber 2.26.22 – Octagon of Pain

Mosey to the Tennis Court where there were 8 stations set up.  Partner up and stay together.  Divide up teams so evenly distributed at each station.  One exercise at each station.  Rotate clockwise.  First lap around, do 8 reps of each exercise.  Once complete 8th station, run to middle and each partner does 5 burpees, then proceed to Lap 2 and do 16 reps at each station.  Rinse and repeat until lap of 32 reps completed or Omaha called.

  • Diamond Merkins                                          
  • Copperhead Squats (I/C)                             
  • Plank Jacks (I/C)                             
  • Chuck Norris Merkins                    
  • Bonnie Blairs                                   
  • Bobby Hurleys                                 
  • Alt. Shoulder Taps (I/C)                
  • Mountain Climbers (I/C)              

6:25 BD 2 – Fine Print 4.16.22 – Tranny Shop Relays

Following the end of the Octogon we moseyed back to the west side of the basketball court and split into two groups.  Two stacks of half price coupons were set up along with a list of Exercises. Each  group does all the exercises listed.  Once done, 1 PAX runs through the basketball court, through the tennis court, deposit the coupon on the others side of the tennis court and then run back to the group.  Rest of the group planks until PAX returns.

First Round

  • Merkins 20
  • Big Boys 20
  • Copperhead Squats 20IC
  • Mountain Climbers 20 IC

Second Round

  • Carolina Dry Docks 20
  • Heals to Heaven 20 IC
  • Bonnie Blairs 20 IC
  • Plank Jacks 20 IC

Third Round

  • Werkins 20
  • Flutter Kicks 20 IC
  • Jump Squats 20
  • Elbow Plank 40 Count

Fourth Round

  • Shoulder Taps 20 IC
  • Windshield Wipers 20 IC
  • Apollo Ono’s 20 IC
  • Groiners 20

Shenanigans went down between Fine Print and Mufasa where Mufasa was essentially tackled by FP to keep him from depositing the last coupon and winning.   

6:35 BD 3 – Bayside, Boji, Crab Cakes, Ketchup – 2.0 Beatdowns

In commemoration of all of the 2.0 BD’s, of which there were many…we are going to finish up with a  modified game of knock out.  Split into two groups which created two teams.  One PAX shot until he made the basket and then passed it to the next PAX in line.  This continued until all the PAX Made a basket twice.  While waiting, PAX did the following exercises which switched each time someone made a basket:

  • SSH’s
  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Hillbillies
  • Wacky Jacks

6:45 Final Warm Down – Hard Hat 12.10.22 – Woosah Dance

We stayed on the basketball court where instructions were given….think of one or two things that you failed at this year that you are still holding onto or are beating yourself up over.  It doesn’t matter why you failed or what is it…but I want you to hold those in your mind…dance around like an idiot…and let it go.  And after this is done…it has to be over.   There is nothing you are going to do that is going to change what happened.  Forgive yourself, change your behavior and move on.  The next 4 minutes were spent dancing around like idiots to Taylor Swifts Shake it off!!!

6:50 6-MOM

We closed out the year with 6 inches and Rancid Hammers


There were several moments that happened this year at DL that had an impact on the QIC’s life…and not that any of them were better than another…it is just that as I looked back…actions were taken and words were said that stuck. 

Myagi – Flag Pass – 5.14.22

He talked about the 3 things that were the hardest to say

  • I am Sorry
  • I am Wrong
  • Worcestershire Sauce

He admitted he was wrong when he told his wife he didn’t need to go meet a group of guys in the darkness. 

And while still up for debate on whether this is a good thing or not…Chowda’s First Post. 

Ketchup – 2.0 Scout Led Workout – 10.22.22

7 boys under the age of 10 led themselves and 63 others on a work out.  Proud doesn’t begin to describe the feels.

Griswold – What would your message be – 11.12.22

Gris talked about how recent exposure to people with nothing giving away all they had being asked what is their message to the world.  As an exercise he asked several of those in his close proximity the same question and the results were outstanding…check the backblast for more info. 

Gator – Drop the Rope – 2.19.22

Conflict and tension finally got to a point where Gator decided he was done fighting.  He dropped the rope, let go of trying to control the outcome and released himself from the anguish he was carrying. 

Blades stole my thunder earlier this week at the Maize but it is perfect for everyone here as we move into 2023…what is your one word for next year.  There are great resources on the F3 website and a book that you can read but go through the exercise and answer these three questions:

What do you need?

What’s in my way?

What needs to go?

Once you are done…you can arrive at your word for the year. 

Thank you all for the memories and a great morning. 

The Q then closed out the group in prayer. 

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